SMP 86: Swimming With Sharks & Achieving Results

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Today our guest is Sean Cole from SC Vital Fitness, a Portsmouth, UK gym that offers individualized training programs for all of its members. They offer results based fitness tailored to each client and the goals they are trying to achieve. They focus on training in the correct manner for functional rehabilitation and fitness training. All of the coaches are UKSCA accredited and they have world record holders training Olympic level athletes.

Sean Cole is the head coach at SC Vital Fitness. He is a World Powerlifting Champion winning the World Deadlift championships in 2009. He also won the World drug free Squat & Deadlift Championships in 2015. He was also a physical trainer and rehab instructor for the Royal Navy. Today we talk about Sean, his gym, and his background with the Royal Navy where he was inducted to the Rugby Hall of Fame.

Today’s topics include:

  • After being in the Navy, Sean knew that Portsmouth was a great place to settle with the beautiful fresh air
  • Sean was in the Navy for 24 years
  • Navy training wasn’t that physically active for a fit person, but there is a mental side of things that is the worst
  • Sean trained the Royal Navy Rugby team, as the head of strength and conditioning and the team one for the first time in 9 years then held every major trophy for their tournaments
  • These guys were proper old school athletes, so he helped them train and the team gelled. Sean felt it was a pleasure to work with them
  • After leaving the Navy, Sean opened his training facility SC Vital Fitness
  • A basic program consists of a 4 to 6 week hypertrophy phase then progresses from there
  • How sled work helps people with faster sprints
  • If you are unsure of what to do in life get a mentor that has the credibility of someone who has been there and done that

Links and resources:

SC Vital Fitness

SC Vital Fitness facebook

Sean Cole SC Vital YouTube Channel

Instagram @SCVitalFitness


“Why not give back and share what I’ve learned with the general public”

Sean Cole

“We treat everyone as an athlete and with respect and program them accordingly” Sean Cole

“People realized that being trained by somebody is more than being shouted at and screamed at” Sean Cole

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