SMP 85: Beating Drugs & Crime One Rep At a Time

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Today’s guest is Glenn Munso who runs the Youth YOU Program, which helps youth get off of drugs and become successful in life and all of their endeavors. Glenn is also a personal trainer and owns a gym. Part of the program gets the young people involved in fitness as well as setting them up with life skills.

When Glenn was 15 or 16 he was rebellious and hung around with the wrong people. He drank and tried drugs and eventually started selling drugs. At first, it was all fun and games then it turned into a terrible situation. He became a drug dealer. Finally, he realized he needed to change his life. The catalyst was when he was sentenced to a jail and rehab term. After which, he enrolled in a personal training program. Today we discuss how fitness changed Glenn’s life and how he uses it to change the life of other young people who need help.

Today’s topics include:

  • There is an ICE (Crystal Meth) epidemic in Australia right now, that is affecting the country’s youth
  • As a kid, Glenn was always into running, so he knew that fitness was something that he liked and that he could turn to for inspiration
  • Glenn didn’t have a lot of great role models growing up, but he knows the importance of role models because now he is one
  • His PE teacher was one of his role models that he looked up to
  • Glenn is open and honest with his youth and tries to help them find a better lifestyle
  • People who use drugs know deep down that they need to change
  • Glenn tries to find the person underneath and pull away all of the labels
  • Exercise gives the kids an outlet that is healthy, it has a massive role in his program
  • After exercising the endorphins make you feel fantastic
  • Exercise tears down barriers
  • His youth program works out at his gym and have access to a variety of classes, they are required to go to a minimum of three classes a week
  • After the program, the youth move on to go to school, or find careers, or even to compete in athletic events and smash their goals

Links and resources:

Youth YOU Program

Youth YOU on facebook


“I think role models are really important” Glenn Munso

“When kids learn about my life and hear my story it gives them hope, that they can get off the drugs” Glenn Munso

“Stepping out of a negative and draining environment, motivates the youth and gives them hope” Glenn Munso

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