SMP 83: Stress, Pain And Getting Hands On

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the root cause of a condition and treating it with nerve activation and joint alignment.

Today’s topics include:

  • As a nurse, Paula felt she may be losing empathy caring for acute patients who she couldn’t actually help improve
  • As she increased her education, she discovered that she could help people with intense massage therapy and the Chapman’s Reflexes
  • Douglas Heel has muscle activation techniques, which use the same principle of facilitating neurolymphatic reflexes
  • Reflexes in your lymphatic system match to an organ and a muscle
  • If the lymphatic system is congested it won’t have the length, if they don’t have the length, they won’t have the strength
  • Paula looks at a patient’s whole picture, especially stress
  • If someone is stressed they don’t breath properly and muscles shut down and then don’t support the back
  • Proper breathing is super important, people don’t know how to breath properly, except maybe swimmers and opera singers, we need to really expand the diaphragm
  • Paula’s ebooks demonstrate the full techniques and there are video links in the books for people who don’t like reading

Links and resources:

Paula Nutting Your Musculoskeletal Specialist

Paula’s YouTube Channel

Twitter @PaulaNutting

Chapman’s Reflexes Manual for therapists

Douglas Heel

Paula Nutting Facebook Page

[email protected]


“I’m a bit spontaneous, when someone suggested I try massage, I did and it worked” Paula Nutting

“I get a beautiful spread of patients from kids doing gymnastics to older people with aches and pains” Paula Nutting

“I just love my work, I don’t know how many people can say that, but I love my work” Paula Nutting

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