SMP 82: The Split Second Difference

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Today we are speaking with Greg Simmons who specializes in working with high-end athletes. Guys and gals are looking for the tiniest thing to improve by fractions of time and measurements in their sport. This can make the difference between a bronze and silver medal or a silver and gold medal. Greg coaches Track and Field and specializes in speed and performance. He has coached Elite, Pro, Collegiate and Youth athletes.

He has been coaching for over 25 years and has trained elite sprinters for their US Olympic trials. Coach Simmons is from San Diego and says he can make anyone faster. He is a coach for World Record Camps which inspires future athletes to push their boundaries. He also works with Hire Ethics which helps with career transitions and Hire Ethics Pro which helps athletes with careers after sports.

Today’s topics include:

  • Everyone should have sprint training in their athletic regimen, it is the basis for most sports
  • When Greg worked with football players he had them work without their cleats on, so they would depend on their body not their equipment
  • Greg began developing youth coaching programs and had to turn away some kids because they were too young to focus on the mechanics of sport
  • Greg takes basic body mechanics into account when deciding what areas an athlete needs to focus on to improve
  • Build on what you have and make it better, as opposed to creating something new
  • Greg has an established record in coaching elite athletes to attain those fractional improvements that matter so much
  • At World Record Camps, Greg works with Dick Fosbury the retired high jumper who developed the “Fosbury Flop” high jumping technique
  • Hire Ethics Pro is career transformation services for Elite Athletes, former athletes make some of the best employees
  • Athletes have that competitive edge to succeed and win, this translates into business and education very well
  • Athletes stay fit throughout their lives. This knowledge can be passed on as a coach, a trainer, or even in broadcasting. Hire Ethics helps to pair athletes with appropriate fields to use their expertise in.

Links and resources:

World Record Camps

Terry Tate Office Linebacker YouTube

Dick Fosbury “Fosbury Flop”

Hire Ethics


“Sprint training helps with balance and coordination” Greg Simmons

“It’s a matter of being strong, so you can do jumps and turns” Greg Simmons

“A thousandth of a second miss on an Olympic team is heart breaking” Greg Simmons

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