SMP 80: Bounce, Balls & Brains

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Welcome to Strength Matters episode 80. Today our guest is Christie Jenkins a world class athlete from Australia. Christie is a coach, speaker and author. She was a national trampoline champion for 12 years. She took gold in the 2013 Hermosa Open beach volleyball tournament, and she ranked 11th in the 2014 World CrossFit Championships. Academically, she had an ENTER score of 99.85 and has a double degree in Economics and Chinese, and she graduated with Distinction in 2010.

Today we are going to talk about mindset and what it takes to become a world class athlete. We also talk about being a multi-discipline athlete, and the 12 principles to a winning mindset. Christie grew up trampolining and competed professionally. She decided that she had reached all of her trampoline goals and moved on to beach volleyball. She also took up CrossFit to help with her volleyball training, and soon began competing in it as well.

Today’s topics include:

  • Trampolining and the fear of falling, and how it takes mental discipline to get back into the game.
  • How Christie got involved with the circus after a trip to Club Med
  • How beach volleyball ended up being more than hanging out on the beach all day and hot guys
  • The tall poppy syndrome – a cultural saying in Australia where people take shots at or try to drag down successful people
  • The difference between doing your best and being the best
  • Being a competitive female athlete does not mean they are not feminine
  • Competition can be a really great thing whether it is in athletics or business
  • Christies 12 Steps to Winning
  • Adding emotion and variety and doing it as much as possible helps with super charged visualization

Links and resources:

Christie Jenkins Website

Christie on Instagram

Christie on Facebook

Christie on Twitter @cjathlete

See It, Do It, Win It: Charge Up Your Visualisations

Christie’s parting words are to think about your mental game, it is as important to your skillset as your training and learning.


“Trampolining is like anything, you have to learn from the ground up” Christie Jenkins

“Beach volleyball is probably one of the only sports where female athletes get more media coverage than males” Christie Jenkins

“Everyone is great at something, and we should encourage people to be their best” Christie Jenkins

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