SMP 79: My Diet is better then yours

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Today our guest is Able James, who is a best-selling author, a top 10 App Developer, a musician, radio show host, entrepreneur, and health crusader. He has an AB degree from Dartmouth in Psychological and Brain Sciences. He is the author of Intro to Paleo, The Musical Brain, and the Wild Diet. He is the developer for the Caveman Feast App. The host of the Fat-Burning Man Show podcast. A husband, a dog owner, and an all around happy guy, who just so happens to know a lot about fitness.

Able James is the fat-burning man, and the host of the number one Fat-Burning Man podcast. Able grew up with a healthy natural lifestyle. When he went to college, he saw a doctor that recommended that he follow a low-fat diet. When he started following this traditional “health diet”, and he started gaining weight and his health began failing. He knew something was wrong and started researching diet and lifestyle. He discovered that he needed to eat fat to burn fat, and he regained his health, and the fat-burning man was born.

Today’s topics include:

  • How music uplifts your moods and makes you work a little more, music can help improve your lifestyle or give you an emotional response
  • How it feels for Able to have a number one podcast and have discussions with really huge guests, but his listeners and normal people can be some of the most engaging guests
  • People can struggle to do what they need to do, hearing the story of normal people who were able to get healthy through diet and lifestyle is the proof that helps give motivation
  • In the Wild Diet, Able James promotes drinking Bulletproof Coffee – Mycotoxin free coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil in it.
  • It’s possible to lose weight and fat if one really wants to. If we choose from the right foods, the wild world as opposed to industrialized food
  • The Wild Diet gets people away from sugar and processed food and focuses on quality fats, and meats, and vegetables.
  • Differences between the wild diet and the paleo diet include fatty meats opposed to lean meats, eating salt opposed to no salt, eating butter opposed to none and drinking coffee
  • Eat two to three times as many vegetables as meat, find fatty grass-fed meat, rice is ok, but watch the gluten and dial down most starches
  • On the wild diet the vast majority of the food is from vegetables and eating the right type of fat helps us to lose fat
  • Bacon and eggs with some veggies for breakfast, a salad with some protein for lunch, and sweet potato or rice with dinner has a totally different effect on the body than eating carbs all day long, or a poor quality grain based diet
  • Vegetables are the food that will always be good for you.
  • Eat grains for dinner, but not that often. Have sweet potatoes and plantains.
  • Feeling hungry at every meal is a result of eating the wrong foods, because the body is starved for nutrients, it puts on fat and makes us hungry all the time
  • How and why Able James became involved in the show My Diet is Better Than Yours
  • Percentage weight loss can cause people to lose muscle, which is the wrong way to go for health

Links and resources:

Fat-Burning Man

Abel James Twitter @fatburnman

Abel James YouTube

Abel James Facebook

Intro to Paleo

The Wild Diet

The Musical Brain

My Diet is Better Than Yours


“Make sure you are eating two to three times as many vegetables as meats” Able James

“Make sure the meats you get aren’t necessarily lean, we often go for the fattiest cuts we can find” Able James

“Most people benefit from dialing down the starch and sugars” Able James

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