SMP 78: Focus & Training For The Younger Athlete

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Today our guest is Max Lankheit. He is a personal trainer in Hamburg, Germany, and the co-owner of Fit 4 the Game, a gym that offers personal and small group training. He was a tennis and soccer player but had to retire due to injuries. He is an Athletes’ Performance/ EXOS Level 3 Performance Specialist and FMS-certified movement screening expert. He is also an acting coach and has a degree in journalism and media management.

Max co-owns the Fit 4 the Game gym with his business partner Gavin Nugent. They had the same training styles and knew that they could make Fit 4 the Game work. After running the business together, they have become great friends. It’s interesting that Max has an acting and fitness training background, but the two go together. Actors are usually into fitness and need to look good in front of the camera. Therefore, it’s a natural progression to cross-over from acting to training. Max also loves working with kids and coaching soccer.

Today’s topics include:

  • How having a friend as a co-partner can work out and be a positive experience
  • Natural progressions between actors and personal trainers
  • He gets to coach his youth athletes over a 4 period, which is very rewarding because he can see them progress over time
  • Dealing with coaching kids and pressure put on them to perform
  • He focuses on athletic ability and improvement as opposed to winning or losing when coaching the kids
  • Kids play because they love the game and want to be with their friends
  • Dramatic stuff that should be cut out of football/soccer
  • How working out and lifting weights helps kids and athletes with work and work ethic

Links and resources:

Fit 4 the Game

Max on Twitter @MaXLStrength

Email –  [email protected]


“I’d rather focus on the art of coaching than sport science” Max Lankheit

“It’s important to realize how it feels to lose and stand up again” Max Lankheit

“You will never always win, it’s a matter of what you take out of it” Max Lankheit

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