SMP 73: The Benefits of breath training for performance

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Thanks for joining us. Today we talk with Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield Fitness. He is one of America’s top trainers and the author of Beyond Training. In 2008, he was nominated as one of the NSCA top trainers. In 2014, he was voted one of the most influential people in health and fitness. He has a masters degree in biomechanics and physiology from the University of Idaho. He is a huge triathlon fan, and he has competed in over 170 races and covered over 6000 miles.

Ben is a trainer, coach, speaker and author. He specializes in enhancing the human body and the human brain in as natural a way as possible. He trains and researches to find the best way for all of the facets of fitness to work well together. Things like performance, fat loss, recovery, sleep, and hormone optimization, so that people can live life to the fullest. He has been immersed in health culture and studying hard core for the last two decades. He runs triathlons and obstacle races to discover the best way to train and perform while looking as good as possible while naked.

One of the things Ben talks about is reaching his full potential while still having time for his business and family. He loves the outdoors and prefers that to an indoor training environment. When he works out, he doesn’t like to breath in the toxins at the gym or be bogged down with training and tracking devices. He also continually tries new things. He has a kickboxing fight coming up, and he just returned from a freediving trip. He likes to experience a lot of different things.

Today’s topics include:

  • To increase neuron growth we need to experience as many new things as possible
  • Constantly throwing curve balls at our brains and bodies leads to improvement
  • Changes Ben has made to his training to go from triathlons to kickboxing fights
  • Benefits of high intensity interval training with smart recovery
  • How to get in your alpha brain wave state of peak performance
  • How training for freediving slows down our fight or flight system
  • Holding our breath during a head stand will increase our core and oxygenation

Links and resources:

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield

Ben’s Freediving Article

Stop Chasing Pain Podcast with Seb and Josh

Ben’s tips for training and having a family life are to stay active all day. With a minimalist training approach, you can’t spend the day in a chair. Low level physical activity all day long and then one long training session each week is better for aerobic work. Structuring high intensity interval training with short high intensity training and with longer less intense workouts can maximize benefits when pressed for time.


“I just like to unplug and go” Ben

“Your body will eventually adapt” Ben

“I have extreme consistency in my training, and I keep myself on my feet all day” Ben

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