SMP 71: Unicorns and Ninjas with Mark Fisher

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Today’s guest is an incredible trainer, coach, and businessman. He is also somebody with a sense of humor and sense of character. He created his business model from feeling lonely and out of place in a world of dangerously extreme hardcore elite.

His business and company have built a revenue of 3.3 million dollars. In his third year, he reached growth of 1,487%. His business has been ranked number 312 of 5000 top growing businesses by Inc. Magazine.

He calls all of his clients ninjas, and all are welcome to the enchanted ninja clubhouse of glory and dreams. It is an utmost pleasure to speak to Mark Fisher from Mark Fisher Fitness, where his motto is ridiculous humans, serious fitness.

Mark got into strength training to look good. His first impression of the gym was that it represented everything he didn’t like about himself, but he soon discovered that it represented stability and personal power in his life. It was the one thing that he could count on.

In 2011, he decided to get serious about the training side of his career. He was obsessed with training and wanted to share it. He also discovered the sense of community that can be formed through training while taking group kettlebell classes.

Subsequently, Mark Fisher Fitness was formed. MFF has a fun crazy delivery system, but the training is simple and focuses on the basics. Snatched in six weeks is a body transformation program based on immersion in the basic fitness principles. Everything is designed to be fun, but effective.

Today’s topics include:

  • How strength training gave Mark personal solace
  • The inspiration of Henry Rollins
  • How Mark’s life exploded when Mark Fisher Fitness was formed
  • What rainbows, steel, unicorns and drag queens have in common at MFF
  • Why MFF is a good place to see Broadway stars who are serious about fitness
  • Why people learn better through story and images
  • Three ninjas and a trainer are a training sweet spot
  • Find out what charities Mark and MFF are involved in

Mark pays his people very well, and gives his team all the credit for the success of his business. In the clubhouse, it is a wacky insane atmosphere where anything goes as long as it stays bizarrely wholesome, and the fitness training is solid.

Links and resources:

Mark Fisher Fitness

Inc. Magazine

Iron and The Soul by Henry Rollins

Made to Stick

Delivering Happiness


Twitter @MFisherFitness

Mark on Facebook


“If you just look at the world with unconditional positive regard, people will usually meet you warmly” Mark

“Teaching classes was like catching lightning in a bottle” Mark

“I’m just going to bring my full weirdness to this, let’s see how it goes” Mark

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