SMP 70: The Roots Of Krav Maga With Eyal Yanilov

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Welcome to today’s show. We are excited because this is the month of the Six Nations. The Six Nations is a rugby tournament held in the UK between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. Today’s guest is a very tough guy, Eyal Yanilov. He is the President and chief instructor at Krav Maga Global.

Eyal is a chief practitioner who has worked with the creator of Krav Maga. Eyal started his journey in 1974 and has spread the art to over 40 countries. He holds a Masters Level 3, and Expert Level 8, and a Founders Diploma of Excellence. He is the only individual to hold a Master Level 3 and a Master Level of Excellence.

When Eyal was 16, he started teaching Krav Maga. By the age of 20, he was educating instructors. In 1982, Krav Maga started spreading outside of Israel when Daniel Abraham, the inventor of Slimfast, brought Eyal and a group of Krav Maga enthusiasts to the US. After that, it spread to Europe and is now in over 60 countries.

Krav Maga is a fighting system built upon self defense and fighting to keep you or your group safe. Things like poking eyes or kicking in the groin are not out of question in a self defence situation. Still this is a progressive system that builds on defending from strikes and kicks, then moves on to defending against weapons, and progresses to fighting multiple opponents.

During sparring and training, slow fighting techniques are used to not injure a sparring partner. Krav Maga is a great self defence training for women. It not only focuses on defence and attack techniques, but situational awareness too.

Today’s topics include:

  • Learn about where Eyal came from and how he got to where he is now
  • How Eyal helped to turn Krav Maga techniques into a system involving principles and problem solving
  • Follow Eyal’s journey through martial arts and the military
  • Learn about Imi Lichtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga
  • Eyal’s experience with Imi Lichtenfeld and what it means to fight in the street
  • How Krav Maga focuses on situational awareness

Links and resources:

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Eyal emphasizes that learning the art of Krav Maga is a two part process. You need to learn knowledge from a trained instructor, then you need to get experience training with a good partner. Knowledge combined with experience is the way to learn fighting techniques. If you want to get started always do your due diligence and make sure your instructors are certified and qualified to teach you the proper methods.


“It’s about spreading the knowledge, spreading the word, spreading information about the real system.” Eyal

“Today’s boxing is very different from a hundred years ago” Eyal

“Women do need to train because there is a lot of violence towards women.” Eyal

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