SMP 67: How To Make Your Fitness Website Work For You

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Strength Matters – Episode 67 – Timothy Sarazen

In today’s show we talk with Timothy Sarazen from 97 Display. Tim was kind enough to do the show even though he is suffering from the flu. Tim has a background in marketing and public speaking. He started as the marketing director for an organic pizza company with a traveling brick oven. He then moved on to become the marketing director for 97 Displays, and now he is the director of operations.

97 Display creates websites and offers marketing for martial arts and fitness professionals. By focusing on the fitness niche they are able to concentrate on the techniques that they know produce results. Tim feels like he is even helping the community when he brings traffic and access to the websites of reputable fitness professionals. Tim is a technology guy who focuses on fitness, but he is also a soccer player and a swimmer.

Tim likes working in fitness, and he can definitely get behind the industry. It’s also fun. He gets to travel the world going to conferences and meeting good looking people. In our discussion Tim shares a lot of interesting information on getting websites to rank in Google and how to generate leads for a fitness business. He also talks about why it’s better not to try and do it all yourself, but to be sure and practice due diligence when choosing a web company to work with.

The business model of 97 Display is a monthly subscription based service. This means there is a low rate in the beginning. If they don’t actually rank and generate leads, there is no reason to continue the subscription. They also follow changing technology and search engine updates and keep everything on the site up to date. They will also update themes and graphics, no charge. Tim advises when looking for a web designer, be sure and at least ask what updates are included.

Today’s topics include:

  • Why someone should have a website instead of just using social media
  • How integrating social media and a website can be a powerful lead generating tool
  • Pattern of lead generation: from Google to website to social media back to website to take action
  • How to get an 80% conversion rate by following up on leads within the first 5 minutes
  • Processes for due diligence of a website firms and Google partners
  • For 2016 optimize your website for Facebook and Twitter

Links and resources:

97 Display

Strength Matters Magazine

Tim will also be writing for the Strength Matters Magazine. We are also going to be having Tim on three upcoming webinars where he explains his business model and how to capture business with your website.


“I like marketing and selling things that I can believe in” Tim

“Your website if about reaching those people that are unfamiliar with your brand and telling them how you can help them.” Tim

“People find you on facebook or instagram if they already know you exist” Tim

“Nobody goes to facebook and searches for training in my area…where do people go when they are looking for a service” Tim


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