SMP 62: From Alcoholism & Depression, To Winning The Crossfit Games With Amanda Allen

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Welcome to episode 62!

It’s been a great week! Our friends in Belfast just competed in the world kettlebell championships, and our good friend Fionnbharr got the silver medal.

Our guest today is also a champion in her own right, competing (and winning!) in crossfit games, canoe championships, and cycling. Amanda Allen is joining us all the way from Australia to talk about her strength, her fitness skills, and how overcoming her personal demons inspired her to become one of the healthiest, most competitive athletes on her home continent.

Alcoholism and depression not only hit personal home for us here at Strength Matters, but it’s also a pandemic that’s affecting a lot of young people, especially young athletes. Overcoming your personal demons is a challenge, but that struggle often inspires positive change and a physical and emotional strength you may not even know you’re capable of. Amanda takes a break from her road trip up the Australian coast to talk a little about that, her health workshops, and a few other great and inspiring topics, including:

  • How our personal struggles and demons can influence and inspire our physical fitness
  • Starting a physically fit career from scratch
  • Gaining the strength and confidence to enter competitions
  • How and why it’s important to track your personal health levels and cycles

You can reach Amanda on Facebook @AmandaCrossfitAllen and check out her website

She’s also personally involved in Run for MI Life (, a program focused on raising money and awareness for depression and suicide across the globe. Amanda will be running over 35 days this summer to contribute her own energy and time to a program like this that is very near, and dear to her heart. If you’d like to get involved or donate to Amanda’s cause, visit the website and get started!


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Amanda: “I’m either doing really, really bad things or I’m doing really, really good things but both with the same kind of insane energy, and that’s definitely driven me.”

Amanda: “If women want to be guided, they really need to be talking to other women who’ve been way down that rabbit hole. Who’ve done it hard and come back and got stuff to report that worked.”

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