SMP 61: A History Of Violence With Geoff Thompson

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Today we’re joined by the amazing Geoff Thompson: best-selling author, screenplay writer, martial arts expert, teacher and motivational speaker.

[bctt tweet=”The moment we start to embrace the things we’re afraid of, our consciousness expands”]

He’s written 40 books, published in 21 languages, including several books on: self-defense, martial arts, and fear control; as well as Watch My Back, an autobiography about his early years and how he came to be a nightclub doorman working in his hometown of Coventry. He also has all kinds of martial arts history, and boasts an 8th Dan black belt in Karate.

Geoff dove right into telling us some of his most fascinating life stories during his transition from martial artist, to bouncer to screenwriter, and how his life lessons all wound back up at fear. However, he explains how he overcame that fear step by step, starting with the little and seemingly insignificant things, moving up into his deepest most underlying fears, and cutting them off at the root.

Today’s topics include:

  • How he overcame his deepest fears using a “fear pyramid”
  • Recognizing the power of sound
  • His life in Coventry as a bouncer
  • The Law of Attraction and how to use it
  • His transition in becoming a BAFTA winning writer
[bctt tweet=”We all have access to extraordinary powers, but we have to own them”]

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