SMP 58: The Missing Episode With Vinnie Tortorich

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Welcome to episode 58 of the Strength Matters Podcast.

Our guest today is one of the hottest trainers in Beverly Hills, has a great book, is known as the “Angriest Trainer” – Vinnie Tortorich joins us on the show. Word of warning – do not listen to this podcast near anyone who takes offense easily – it’s one of our more explicit episodes, but tons of fun. Put the kids away before your start listening.

He is a trainer, an author, a podcast host, a model and a survivor. He’s been a fitness trainer for 35 years. He’s been in Beverly Hills for last 25 years and has become a celebrity fitness trainer. In 2007 he was diagnosed with leukemia, and went from battling the illness, to weathering a writer’s strike and was living off his savings for a year.  A writer friend who he was having dinner with, suggested he write a book, telling the truth about everything he’d learned. This was a game changer.

Since then, Vinnie has become known as the angriest trainer, but Vinnie isn’t angry AT people – he’s angry FOR people. Why do people need Vinnie to be angry?

“Our good intentions have been stolen” – Vinnie

Our best intentions are always being sabotaged. We’re getting the best equipment, reading the materials, training – and in the fitness magazine we just picked up we’re being bombarded by ads for sugar. And we think it’s the way to go because it’s what we’re being told.  Heart healthy grains? Grains make you fat. Period. And this is what makes Vinnie pissed off.

“Science knows what the truth is. But we don’t let the truth get in the way of what we can sell.” – Vinnie

In This Episode We’ll Talk About:

  • Negative affects of sugar on the body
  • Diet and lifestyle as it relates to your health
  • “Fitness Confidential”, Vinny’s book
  • Typical day in Vinny’s diet and exercise routine
  • The fitness market in Hollywood
  • Bad information given to U.S. consumers
  • Pure Vitamin Club
  • “Stripper or NFL Linebacker”

Josh and Seb have a great time chatting and laughing with Vinnie, talking about everything BUT fitness, but getting some good information in there at the same time.

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

Adidas Rockstars

Death by Food Pyramid

Pure Vitamin Club

No Sugars, No Grains

You can learn more about Vinnie Tortorich on his website.


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