SMP 57: Hail To The Dinosaurs Part 2

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Today’s episode is part two of the amazing interview with Brooks Kubik (If you haven’t listened to the first part, click here to tune in.)  He’s the creator of Dinosaur Training, has a huge sports history and a passion for real training. In earlier days, he was state champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, five-time national champion in bench press, and he has over a dozen national records.

Brooks kicks things off by telling us some great stories about the only audience he hasn’t been able to impress: his two golden retrievers. Seb and Josh discuss the Temples Twisted Peak Challenge with us, and Seb shares his experience, and our guest shares how his book “Dinosaur Training” has saved hundreds of lives.

“The people who measured how they were doing based on how they looked, tended to never be satisfied with who they were.” – Brooks Kubik

Today’s topics include:

  • His all-time favorite lifts from old-time strength men
  • Nautilus machines and how they changed the way he trained.
  • What it is about training that has kept him passionate all these years
  • His “Divided Workout Program” and how it came to be
  • The power of barbell lifting and grip strength training
  • The greatest feat of strength someone has done and Brooks has personally witnessed

“For my entire life there’s always been a very strong connection between strength and health, as I would argue there should be for everybody.” – Brooks Kubik

They speak very passionately about what your body’s able to achieve on its own, and why you should just let it do its job. Brooks explains how the people who train for strength and power and lifting ability, whether they’ve competed or not, seem to be enjoying it more and seem to be better able to compete with themselves.

You always want to try and be better today than you were yesterday, but you want to measure it against yourself, not others; go for small, but measurable improvements.

“The one person that you have to compete with is yourself.” – Brooks Kubik

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