SMP 56: Hail To The Dinosaurs

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This episode is part one of an amazing interview. Our guest is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and an amazing storyteller. He’s been credited by many of our past guests for being their influence into strength training, and he’s an idol to many around the world. He’s an incredible guy with amazing feats, great opinions and incredible stories as well.

Today’s guest is Brooks Kubik, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. He is the creator of Dinosaur Training, has a huge sports history and a passion for real training. In earlier days, he was state champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, five-time national champion in bench press, and he has over a dozen national records.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Brooks ended up publishing his first book and becoming an author
  • Who he is and what exactly it is he does
  • His experience trying to lift the Thomas Inch dumbbell
  • Why the guys love bent presses
  • His biggest pet peeve in the modern world
  • Seb and Josh’s favorite books on fencing

He started writing about strength training years ago, and got involved in a magazine called Hardgainer Magazine that catered to drug-free, basic strength training. It was published in an effort to bring together everyone that was still interested in old-school training. He tells us the fascinating stories behind both his first book and his venture into article writing through Hardgainer.

Today’s episode is a really cool chance to just sit back and listen to the amazing stories Brooks had to tell us, ranging from personal experiences to the history of Thomas Inch, David Prowse, Arthur Saxon, Harry Paschall, and Eugen Sandow, John Davis, Clyde Emrich, and many more!


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