SMP 55: Strength Matters At Any Age With Jim Hatcher

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Seb and Josh are joined by their wonderful friend, Jim Hatcher, who is calling in from Chicago, IL after having met them during the first International Strength Matters Summit in San Diego.  

Jim Hatcher describes himself as a common guy who has a done a couple of uncommon things in the strength world.  Jim has a large history as a college administrator and businessman. He’s not a trainer or a coach, but he’s the product of good training. A true gentleman,  Jim will take you through his fitness ventures, strength training goals, experiences and more. 

  • How Jim got involved in the Kettlebell Movement and the difficulties he faced 
  • How kettlebells changed Jim’s eating and sleeping habits  
  • Jim’s experience and journey with Strong First 
  • How Jim reacted towards his skeptics and critics  

Between Original Strength and Strength Matters, Jim has done things that some people only dream of. Jim goes on to tell us a couple of funny stories, including the hilarious account of how he got absolutely “ripped.”  


  • How you can excel at coaching a more mature client as a trainer 
  • How to pursue your goals with a level head 
  • How to regain your sense of revitalization at an older age 
  • How to put off the inevitable signs of aging as long as possible  
  • How to train instinctively and listen to your body 

Jim goes on to talk to us about the goals he wants to achieve, and how they’ve evolved over the years. Between their humor, fantastic advice and opinions, you’re in for a great listen.  

Keep an eye out for news about the Strength Matters Kettlebell meet in London that will be going in a couple of weeks.  

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