SMP 53: Working For The Wounded With Dave Wallach

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How do you recover from the loss of your limbs? As a professional athlete or a fully functioning human being, the situation can be a complete game changer for anyone, so climb back from the pit of depression and be fit, healthy and happy. Today, Seb and Josh will be talking to David ‘Chef’ Wallach, coach extraordinaire to adaptive athletes based in Vienna, VA. David has helped US servicemen and other civilians recover their lives after a severe to permanent injury or the congenitally different by coaching them back to physical and mental health.

Our guest is going to confront the haunting fears of becoming disabled and show us the step-by-step process to turn those circumstances around.  Authentic, funny and endearing, as he jokingly mentions that he is at his handsomest when he cries. This guy just pushes the boundaries of what the human body can do and champions the men and women who gave their lives for the service of their country.

Episode Highlights

  • Success rates and stories of recovery, why it makes him emotional to talk about the men and women that defined his training program.
  • Tough love approach to train and motivate people with adaptive needs.
  • Paying it forward program. How one act of compassion earns another.
  • Creating a training program and sports competition to measure capability for these athletes.

David Wallach is the head coach and co-founder of CrossFit Rubicon Gym, the co-founder of the Working for the Wounded Games and Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance. A zealous sports nutritionist, Kettlebell instructor and Personal Defense Readiness Coach to name a few titles to his name.  This is a man of varied talents but his main passion remains the same, to feed individuals with a healthy dose of positive thinking and lead them to a better and purposeful living after a life changing event and then teaching them to pay it forward.

Chef Wallach explains the beauty behind creating a fitness regimen that’s tailor-fitted according to the injury suffered. Shifting the purpose of that regimen has saved the lives of depressed servicemen and created a new breed of adaptive athletes, which has now won acclaim and recognition with fellow athletes around the globe.

Parting Quote

There is one gift in life that can never be repaid and that is the gift of your time.

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