SMP 52: Run Strong With Andrew Read

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Today Seb and Josh speak with Andrew Read from Read PT. Andrew is a return guest to the show and today he will share what he took away from the last Strength Matters Summit and what he is working on in the future. Many knowledgeable speakers spoke at the summit on the benefits of simply running and how it is the basis for all physical fitness. Andrew finds that running is the most basic and effective form of fitness there is.

Cardio and strength training are necessary for endurance training. Running is an activity that we do naturally. During his research Andrew found the book Story of the Human Body, a book about the evolution of the human body. He points out that even children run and do it without hurting themselves. He doesn’t deny the statistics that say 80% of runners will be injured in a year. However many injuries are actually caused by added factors like body armor or dehydration. Preparation is what it is all about.

Everyone struggles with new workout routines. Your body will tap out sooner in the beginning because your body has spent its energy. Know your limits and don’t push your hardest in the beginning. Also invest in your equipment and make sure you have good quality shoes and socks.Your feet need the protection.

Andrew has written a book on the subject called Run Strong. It will teach the reader how to prepare their body for running. It covers the different types of running including rucking. The book is about how to use cardio and strength training to keep your body away from injury.

Andrew’s tips in this episode include:

  • Don’t start so fast.
  • Wear decent shoes.
  • Do strength work.
  • Don’t run on concrete.
  • You don’t have to run hard.

“Go hard or go home” is foolish. Injuries are going to happen during fast running, so prepare your body for that shock.

Andrew will be speaking at this year’s Strength Matters Summit.  To learn more about Andrew Read visit or find him on facebook, as well as the Andrew Read page.


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