SMP 50: The Running Lab, Rugby & Movement With Tim Bransdon

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Seb and Josh are joined by Tim Bransdon, a podiatrist, runner, and former rugby player. After becoming a podiatrist, Tim began playing a lot of rugby. Following that, he became very interested in the movement side of podiatry. He started to study human movement to determine ways we could do it better. On his website, Tim offers a wealth of information relating to improving the health of our feet.

After a bit of a discussion about rugby, we talk about some of Tim’s self-experimentation in regard to footwear and running and training and marathons. Tim says just about the weakest part about every runner is their feet. Everybody wants the magic shoes, but shoes don’t fix the problem. As Tim says, the footwear industry isn’t based on science, it’s based on marketing.

Tim discusses how to strengthen your feet, which includes good posture and minimal footwear. He also talks about how to correct some basic foot issues, but the very best thing is to prevent issues from developing. He also tells us why it’s important to listen to your feet while you run. Tim discusses his concept of Position is Power – Efficiency is Gold. As Tim says, let’s become aware of our feet and treat them like every other part of the body. Strengthen them, rehabilitate them and make them strong and healthy parts of the body.

Tim is offering some bonus material on his website for those of you listening to this podcast. Check it out here. Find Tim on Instagram at   Also, connect with him on Facebook at this page.

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