SMP 49: Scientific Strength With Scott Iardella

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Seb and Josh are joined by Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN.  Scott is a physical therapist, strength coach, trainer, weight lifter and podcaster.  His website is RdellaTraining. Scott spent a number of years as a professional bodybuilder and when he discovered kettlebells it began a nonstop journey of a functional approach to movement.  

We begin by discussing Scott’s podcasts.  In addition to his regular podcasts, Scott launched a shorter form podcast called Scientific Strength.  In the weekly 10-15 minute episodes Scott deconstructs the most important research in strength, conditioning, health, nutrition, fitness, and performance and takes away the practical applications.  An upcoming episode looks at the research that tries to define a paper that addresses the best time of day to train for strength.  A new episode is released each Monday. 

Scott is also an author and his books are available on his website.  His is putting the final touches on his new print book, The Edge of Strength.  With a likely September release, the book deals with the philosophy of training and cutting edge concepts.  Scott says the book is for people who haven’t figured out how important strength is as well as those who already know and for those it will reconfirm what they know and provide some key insights.  Scott also answers questions regarding his favorite books and a tip to reading every day. 

Scott’s  advice is to think about your number one goal, write it down and take action toward that goal.  Focus on the one big thing and attack it.  Scott offers a recommendation on his website for his five podcasts to get you stated.  In addition to his website, you can also reach out to Scott on Instagram and Facebook.      

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