SMP 48: Stand Up Kids & Power Rangers With Kelly Starrett

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Today Seb and Josh are talking with Dr. Kelly Starrett,  coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and blogger who has revolutionized the way athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

Kelly is the author of bestsellers, Becoming a Supple Leopard and Becoming a Supple Leopard 2.0.  Kelly’s focus is performance-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine and his clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record holding Olympic Lifting and Power athletes, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.

His background includes being an athlete and coach for whitewater slalom canoe on the US Canoe and Kayak Teams, and leading the Men’s Whitewater Rafting Team to two national titles and competition in two World Championships.


  • Hear how Kelly believes the internet has allowed collaboration to develop best practices 
  • Learn about gut smashing benefits 
  • Gain insight into Kelly’s next book, due out in 2016, which is titled,  Deskbound. 
  • Be informed about which promotes standing desks for students and all the benefits that it offers  
  • Learn about his daughter’s school which is the first in the world to become an all-standing school   

Kelly also answers questions from the Strength Matters members group.  In addition, Kelly tells us that your quality of sleep and life will dramatically improve by removing technology from your bedroom.   

Kelly’s website is  There you will find all sorts of information, webinars, gear, community and contact information.  Head over the for all the information on the benefits of standing in schools.  To learn more about the movement to get Britain standing visit  Keep a look out for Kelly’s book due out in January 2016, Deskbound.  

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