SMP 47: Swing Lean With Tracy Reifkind

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In this episode Seb and Josh are joined by the Queen of the Kettlebell Swing, Tracy Reifkind. Tracy talks about her journey of losing weight loss through changing her eating habits and kettlebell training. In addition to being a kettlebell instructor, Tracy is the author of the book, The Swing! : Lose the Fat and Get Fit With This Revolutionary Kettlebell Program.


  • Learn what inspired Tracy to lose a significant amount of weight and change her body.
  • Hear about Tracy’s Aha! moment when she realized she didn’t want to die from being fat and how cooking helped her focus on weight loss.
  • Discover how Tracy found the importance of kettlebell training and how her training developed.
  • Understand how it all came together for Tracy with calorie restriction, food journaling, cooking and her recipes.
  • How to set small goals that add up to great results,

All this information is in Tracy’s book, The Swing! : Lose the Fat and Get Fit With This Revolutionary Kettlebell Program. It’s available on Amazon here. Tracy’s book reached #1 in weight training category on Amazon.

Find out more about Tracy on the website, Her blog is available at and be sure to check out her YouTube videos.

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