SMP 37: Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss With Georgie Fear

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Episode 37.

In this episode, Seb and Josh interview the wonderful Georgie Fear, of AskGeorgie.Com  A very talented lady who’s book is set to become an all time great! Here’s a little bit more about Georgie…

Who is Georgie Fear?

Georgie Fear is a registered dietitian and nutrition coach. You may have noticed there’s a lot of “nutrition stuff” on the internet. People want to sell you hoaxes, wraps, diets or supplements. People shame others, blame others, fearmonger and point fingers… it’s no wonder many people end up confused, frustrated and sad that their relationships with food and their bodies aren’t healthy and happy.

She wants to spread something different. She wants to empower clients, end the Age of Diets, and change the industry – and she has three tools to do it with: science, experience and love.

The science and experience part is pretty straightforward. She studied nutritional science for ten years at Rutgers University and Cornell Universities, has published peer reviewed research, and contributed to numerous textbooks in addition to her books for the public. With 10 years of nutrition counseling experience as a dietitian and coach. She even coaches other coaches in developing their skills. Her work is frequently featured in popular magazines as well as some of the most prominent sites on the web.


  • Find out all about Georgie Fear
  • Discover her thoughts about the Strength Matters Summit she’s speaking at..
  • Better coaching habits
  • Plus a LOT more…


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