SMP 117: Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire With Molly Kieland

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Today our guest is Molly Kieland the head coach and owner of the Fuel House Gym. Molly has been involved in athletics and fitness for a long time. She worked at a gym while she was becoming a certified trainer. She worked her way up to being a trainer and a full-time personal trainer. She also taught spin class. She has been in the industry for a long time and learned a lot from amazing people. After working at a gym that seemed mismanaged, Molly started teaching her own outside classes. Then she rented a studio space for her classes. Molly wanted something to nurture and realized that opening up a gym was the answer.

Molly and her husband opened Fuel House with about 25 members and now they have 100 members. It’s been a nice progressive slow growth. She owes her planning to other gym owners who she considers mentors. Molly started working with kettlebells about two years ago. After working with kettlebells, she fell in love with them and became certified and started teaching classes. After having injuries, kettlebells were a great tool to grow with. Molly also works with Strength Matters and got to be a part of the Chicago Summit.

Today’s topics include:

  • How opening a gym is a massive step and a big risk
  • To open her gym, Molly met with other successful gym owners and they shared tips and insights with her
  • She also did a ton of online research
  • She thought about joining a business community, but held off on it
  • She wanted to see if she could do it on her own
  • She doesn’t feel she has a numbers mind, so she had to train herself in areas that she knew weren’t her strengths
  • She also feels responsible for putting things on the line for her husband
  • She collected data, did research, and talked to business owners
  • They did a forecast spreadsheet and put together solid numbers
  • Molly’s husband is a numbers guy, plus she found a mentor that wanted to help her out
  • She has recently been investing in business coaching and The Strength Matters Business Academy
  • Now Molly has been putting systems into place to help things run smoothly and she hired someone to help with the process
  • She also reads leadership development books
  • Systems for the gym right now consist of a sales process – what happens after the first point of contact – collect information – follow up – don’t let them fall through the cracks
  • They have a written script to handle prospective gym members
  • It’s important to shut up and gather their information and help provide a solution
  • Fuel House is a strength conditioning gym with modalities abound the barbell and kettlebell, but they want to feel like “Cheers” where everyone knows your name
  • Molly is the host and the gym is the house and they all know each other
  • Their main programming hits on one of the big moves like hinges or squats
  • Molly is an example of a female running a facility she also focuses on herself and considers herself a role model
  • If Molly hires people smarter than her, she is definitely doing it right

Links and resources:

Fuel House Gym

[email protected]



“I tend to get something in my heart and gut and it won’t let up” Molly Kieland

“I was ready to grow. There was so much more that I had to offer.” Molly Kieland

“Strength Matters Summit was like being a big part of a fitness family over the weekend.” Molly Kieland

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