SMP 116: Enhancing The Operator with Mike Gillette

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Today our guest is Mike Gillette. Mike is an author, coach, speaker and record breaking strongman. He has been an Army Paratrooper, SWAT Commander, and a Government Counter-Terrorism Expert. Mike is a pioneer in mind skills. He uses speaking, coaching, and one-on-one workshops to teach methods for breakthroughs in mental performance. He has helped military, government, and law enforcement clients along with huge corporate clients including the Walt Disney Company.

Mike is from Iowa where he lives with his wife, although his speaking and coaching takes him all over the world. Mike initially enlisted in the military for money for college. After an accident, Mike had to learn how to walk and move again. He then focused on fitness and getting a job in law enforcement. While in law enforcement he tried to be the best example that he could be. He was almost obsessive with doing a great job. He was picked to be a law enforcement fitness trainer. He discovered he liked fitness training and decided to pursue other opportunities. He traveled, trained, and pursued martial arts training. Eventually, he became the strongman, author, and trainer that he is today.

Today’s topics include:

  • Mike decided to solely focus on training in 2001
  • After the 9-11 attacks Mike ended up being involved in large training initiatives as a result of the response of those attacks
  • Mike helped develop the behavior assessment program to help train security for how to identify problems in all types of venues
  • What processes would allow security to find the problem people in a crowded place like Disney
  • Technical skills are needed, but also being the best version of oneself to accomplish these tasks
  • Enhancing the operator is as important as the specific technical information
  • Police are regular people doing a difficult job, in the real world there are many nuances to police work
  • Mentally, police need to be able to mentally adjust to the response roller coaster – mental agility requires confusing and scary training scenarios that force the trainee to filter through a confusing situation
  • Practicing what would be more like a real scenario would better help prepare for an environmentally valid situation
  • Mike likes his training to be in clear decipherable language – He is a product of a pragmatic universe – either something works or it doesn’t – flowery language is more of a barrier
  • He likes to see how problems are solved, and get feedback on techniques of problem solving, which enables him to have the biggest impact that he could
  • Don’t be afraid to do the things in life you want to do

Links and resources:

Mike Gillette Mind Boss

Books by Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette YouTube


“I am a student of training in all sorts of realms” Mike Gillette

“I was fascinated by training and whatever the process may be” Mike Gillette

“Nobody is more surprised at what I can do is Mike Gillette” Mike Gillette

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