SMP 115: How Fitbot Can Radically Improve Your Clients’ Coaching Experience

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Today our guests are Robbie Jack and Casey Jenks, the founders of FitBot, an application that gives trainers and coaches an easy way to create fitness programs, handle client communication, and easily keep track of all aspects of their fitness business. Robbie and Casey also work very closely with our friend James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness.

Casey has always been passionate about building things. He is also passionate about technology and fitness. He and his wife opened a CrossFit gym, and they soon discovered that trainers and coaches were cobbling together spreadsheets and documents to organized their training businesses. He saw a need and decided to fill it with an easier more organized solution.

Robbie and Casey grew up together. They were both involved in computers and building websites. That led to IT careers. Even though, they went their own ways, they still kept in touch. When Casey showed Robbie his FitBot project, Robbie saw the value in FitBot and joined him. They are now going through a technology accelerator in Chicago called Techstars. They are both very excited this project that combines their love for technology and fitness.

Today’s topics include:

  • At Techstars they are combining investment with a lot of mentoring
  • Startups are a struggle, so being able to network with the people at Techstars is a real advantage
  • Casey and his wife started a CrossFit gym, his wife was the trainer and he did the website and the technology stuff
  • Casey watched the trainers train clients with pen and paper, after a shoulder injury, he got in touch with OPEX and paired with a trainer, He would get his workouts emailed to him, then he would copy and paste the workout and make videos and upload them, then give the results to his trainer, they used a Tumblr blog and another third party software
  • Casey knew there had to be a better way for all of the training and communication that needs to go between a client and a trainer, and he decided to solve the problem
  • Everything was spread out everywhere, FitBot consolidates it into one platform that makes the trainer more productive and makes the client experience better
  • FitBot allows trainers to train clients remotely or supplement in-person clients with additional training
  • FitBot makes it easy to plan and deliver workouts. They load the workout and log the results. The trainer gets the information. There is also real time chat.
  • Robbie says that what sets FitBot apart is that it saves time for the trainer, so they can work on their business not the paperwork
  • Everything is in one place, including Central Athlete Videos
  • Clients can also take video with their phone and send it to the trainer to check proper form
  • FitBot offers a free 14 day trial so that trainers can see if it is right for them.
  • Step 1 add clients and they receive invite emails
  • As a coach, prescribe workouts through the workout editor
  • The client receives the workout emails
  • Trainers can batch out the client programming
  • Then during the week they can do comments and analysis
  • There is a client stream where the trainer can comment right there in the timeline
  • FitBot is simple and easy to use
  • FitBot is a platform that gives the coach the tools to do their job
  • After a coach, gets 15 or 20 clients, the management becomes an issue, either another person or software is required to efficiently manage everything
  • Workouts can be edited in the FitBot power editor
  • There is also a nutrition tracker
  • Clients can input what they do, and over time it will all be graphed out
  • They try to listen to the users and make the features better, if needed
  • They want to earn the business by solving the customer problems
  • Persistence and focus will make it happen

Links and resources:


OPEX Fitness


Central Athlete Videos


“Going to the gym was a big part of my life, my wife was more the training brains behind the business” Casey Jenks

“The smaller startups are aspiring to be entrepreneurial, and you have to start somewhere” Robbie Jack

“The sport of CrossFit has been growing so fast, it is awesome to watch it grow” Casey Jenk

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