SMP 114: The Renaissance Periodization

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Today our guest is Nick Shaw, the Founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization. RP is a training and diet services company for world class athletes. Nick holds a B.A. in Sports Management, and he is a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. He has worked with many world class strength and physique athletes. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two kids.

Nick is also part of the Juggernaut team. Nick is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has also figured out a way to offer coaching and diet plans to athletes in a scalable manner, turning RP into a seven-figure business. As a businessman, Nick has figured out how to take his love of fitness and diet and use technology and social media to build a solid fitness business.

Today’s topics include:

  • Nick was a runner in high school, and he wasn’t that good until he followed his coach’s advice and ran 100 miles over the summer
  • Mike Israetel encouraged Nick to start lifting and eventually they started working on and developing RP
  • Renaissance is the rebirth of science and periodization in sport and combining science and nutrition with fitness using phases for cutting etc.
  • Nick and Mike wanted a quality product and they promoted it slowly over time
  • They knew their product was one of the best products out there
  • People make the mistake of not thinking in the long term, they want to make a few dollars right now
  • Nick focuses on what he knows and outsources to people to do what he doesn’t know
  • Personal training one-on-one limits your time and revenue, working with groups online enables you to train more people at once, Nick always wanted to scale his time and help more people, which was the beginning origin of the RP methods
  • The templates are spreadsheets that incorporate your goals, and tell you how to eat, on training volume, light, moderate, and hard
  • All the products are designed by Dr. Mike and the PhDs, they also have the facebook group where they can get feedback and tweak the templates
  • They also have fitness and weight lifting templates to give people the knowledge to use them and know they have a good program
  • These are programs written by PhDs and simplified in a template
  • Work a lot, even if you love what you do, be smart about your choices, don’t chase a quick buck

Links and resources:

Renaissance Periodization


Nick on LinkedIn

Darkside Strength YouTube

Facebook @RenaissancePeriodization

The Renaissance Diet – eBook

Instagram @RPStrength


“I figured out early on that the harder you work, the better you do at sports” Nick Shaw

“How can you get better and stronger? The best way to do it is with science” Nick Shaw

“We didn’t want to chase the short term outcomes. We were thinking about what would be successful five years from now.” Nick Shaw

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