SMP 112: How To Regain Our Original Strength

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Today our guests our Tim Anderson and Dani Almeyda from Original Strength. A training system that is the foundation of all other training systems. They lay a solid foundation to build a movement structure for mobility, performance, and grace. Dani is from Chicago. She is a mom and a trainer. Tim is from Fuquay-Varina in North Carolina, he works with Dani and they spend a lot of time pressing reset to get back to our original movement structure.

Tim and Dani are part of the Original Strength team. The idea behind the program is that no matter how old someone is they should be able to move and enjoy their lives. They teach pressing reset. Doing the same movements that children did when they were first born. These movements build the nervous system and built reflexive strength. We have these same movements built in. If we tap back into these movements we can build the original strength we once had.

Today’s topics include:

  • There are 5 big movements
  • Diaphragmatic breathing – pulling air down into your belly and filling lungs from bottom to top – core training – makes you strong
  • How to move your head
  • Roll around on the floor
  • Get up on all fours and rock back and forth
  • How to crawl again
  • These 5 movements help you reset
  • Breathing – Comfortable position, breathe through nose, find diaphragm
  • The younger the person is the more natural it becomes
  • Screening assessment – teach breathing – assessment improves after breathing
  • Tim began training to be resilient, he values feeling good and moving well
  • The crawling actually keeps you strong and helps you build muscle
  • Tim did a 1 mile spider man crawl
  • There is a lot of science behind why the resets have the effect they do
  • They revolve around your balance system – simple movements improve and enhance
  • Beginning foundational building blocks – gives brain building blocks and enhances output
  • Crawl with your head up and have good posture, don’t try to sprint before you roll on the floor
  • Move and controlling your head along with breathing are essential to human movement
  • Lay on your belly and raise your head up and down, then left and right
  • Everything is really hands on, breathing, head control, rocking, rolling, and crawling
  • Original strength, bodyweight, and kettlebells
  • You can crawl with a weighted chain, or a chain attached to kettlebells, to ramp it up crawl backwards
  • Beyond Body Weight Training
  • Kettlebell swings and snatches and rocking is a powerful combination

Links and resources:

Original Strength

Books By Tim Anderson

Original Strength YouTube

Beyond Body Weight

Instagram @Original_Strength


“When there is hope people can get their movement restored, it really lights a fire in them” Tim Anderson

“It’s amazing what difference just teaching someone how to breath can make” Dani Almeyda

“Everybody wants to suck it in and pretend they are thinner than they are, this just causes so much stress on the system” Dani Almeyda

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