SMP 111: The Importance Of Helping People & The Red Ranger

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Today’s guest is Mike Farr aka “Silent Mike”. Mike is a powerlifter and a Reebok Trainer whose goal is to make his clients their best selves ever. Mike played basketball for 15 years. He always had a gift for coaching, so he started coaching basketball. Mike started training with weights when he was 20. That is where he discovered squatting and powerlifting. Then he got a personal training certificate and started offering training at a gym. He also continued to powerlift.

Mike liked the path he was on, and he liked helping people one on one, but he was limited by the number of hours in a day. He starting working out with Mark Bell and worked with Mark’s slingshot company. He also started hosting a podcast and created a YouTube channel. In the process he discovered that he could get his message out to a larger audience with these mediums. He has worked with and rubbed elbows with some of the elite athletes of the world, and his journey is just beginning.

Today’s topics include:

  • Mike uses a different platform a day to try and help people
  • Mike started coaching when he was 19 and some of the kids were 17 or 18
  • He earned respect by leading by example, he was a good basketball player
  • Plus he read a lot of psychology books and his dad also set a good example for him
  • He also had a true compassion and a friendship with these guys
  • The best coaches can communicate and get along with people and leave a positive impact
  • Super Training is a private gym that is not open to the public
  • Mike was intimidated training there, then Mark would give him exercises and Mike would silently watch and learn hence “Silent Mike”
  • I am not remarkable, Mike is not a world champion, but he is confident in know who he is and who he isn’t
  • He is a good communicator, he likes to be funny, and he soaks up knowledge like a sponge, he listens and processes information for what it is worth
  • Mike is lucky to cross paths with some of the greats in the sports conditioning world
  • Advice for succeeding
    • Know things take a long time – patience
    • There is no black and white
    • Be creative
    • Follow that passion and try to truly help people
  • Mike likes the feeling of training and working out
  • Benefits – stress relief, be healthy, and look better
  • Do more, think less, and say yes to opportunities

Links and resources:

Silent Mike YouTube

Twitter @SilentMikke

Instagram @SilentMikke

Super Training TV

Mark Bell’s Sling Shot


“It’s about doing little things daily to get you where you want to go” Silent Mike

“The rest is having hope and faith that the positivity and hard work you put into something will have a return in big light bulb moment or in a more subtle way. ” Silent Mike

“I’m a firm believer in trying to help others in a true altruistic way, when you really want to help people something good will happen in this world ” Silent Mike

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