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Today’s guest is Chad Wesley Smith. He is the owner of Juggernaut Training. Chad started out in track and field, then took training to the next level with powerlifting and strongman competitions. He has set several powerlifting records and had a landslide victory in the 2012 North American Strongman Championships. Chad is also a trainer, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He takes fitness seriously and helps athletes take their sport to the next level.

Juggernaut has been officially open for seven years. It has been huge for quite a long time. With Chads background in track and field, strength has always been an important factor. He was a shot putter from the age 8 to 23. He was also a Collegiate National Champion. When he moved on to powerlifting, it was a smooth transition because he was always strong. When he started Juggernaut, it was a sports performance gym. While running Juggernaut, Chad rose in the sport of powerlifting and strongman competitions. He has also grown Juggernaut to be an educational resource for trainers and coaches.

Today’s topics include:

  • A little bit about Chad’s background and his parents and older brothers
  • His early shot putting career – he was also a 100 meter sprinter
  • What an honor it was to train one of his sporting heroes (Adam Nelson)
  • Coming back after being injured and 30” box jumps, this is half of what he used to be able to do
  • Being talked into competing in Australia and doing a 365 kilo deadlift
  • Not creating enough variation in training, letting things become monotonous
  • Enjoying competition and changing training, to hill sprints, box jumps, weightlifting, and whatever interested him for the day
  • Strongmen competitions and stress to the body
  • Chad is training for two powerlifting competitions, he took a break and feels physically and mentally refreshed
  • Trying to retire from power lifting and getting pulled back in
  • He is so close to some records, there is not time like the present to set those records
  • Highland Games – competing in the pro division – this is a status that needs to be earned – it was given to him and he had to compete with the pros
  • Strength doesn’t always transfer to things that require technique like the caber toss
  • How helpful competitors can be in strongman competitions
  • People want to beat their own self-doubt
  • Juggernaut is about having great information to share
  • They have phenomenal trainers and athletes who provide great content and Chad provides a great platform
  • Serious coaches read and respect Juggernaut
  • Juggernaut Method – Best Damn Squat Article – Best Ten Articles
  • Looking objectively and critically at the people you listen to
  • What makes an expert in fitness? Achievement, coaching, and education
  • The difference between reading and understanding
  • Scientific Principles of Strength Training – Dr. Mike
  • Grind Supplements – Partnership with RP
  • Learn to love the process

Links and resources:

Juggernaut Training System

Instagram @ChadWesleySmith

Facebook @ChadWesleySmith

Chad & Juggernaut YouTube


“Sprinting, jumping, and throwing are good for training” Chad Wesley Smith

“Adam Nelson was my hero in shot put training” Chad Wesley Smith

“I used to be pretty athletic. I could jump high and run fast” Chad Wesley Smith

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