SMP 107: Learn To Love Yourself And Yoga

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Our guest today is yoga master, Dana Falsetti. Dana struggled with her weight and fitness until she began yoga. She discovered that she was searching for something other than weight loss, and she discovered the peace she desired with yoga. Dana believes that yoga is a spiritual practice, and you don’t have to be fit and thin to do yoga. Our bodies change every day and the physical practice is a manifestation of that change. Yoga is for everybody.

Dana struggled her entire life with yo yo weight loss and dieting. She also couldn’t figure out how to be happy. In college, she was over 300 pounds. That was when she decided to spend a year focusing on what she ate and going to the gym. Subsequently, she lost about 80 pounds. Then she began practicing yoga and posting on Instagram. Now for the last year, she has been practicing and teaching yoga all over the world.

Today’s topics include:

  • How weight loss didn’t lead to happiness for Dana
  • She came out of her weight loss experience feeling worse because of high expectations
  • There was a yoga student near Dana’s house offering a special, she joined the studio because she was sick of going to the gym
  • Misconceptions and stereotypes about yoga
  • Dana was the biggest person in the class, but she was used to that
  • She was also surprised by how intensive a beginning yoga class was
  • Dana felt yoga was challenging for her in a new way
  • We aren’t challenged in such a personal way often
  • Why a challenge made Dana go back instead of just quitting
  • Yoga tapas – the fire you build in your body
  • The beginning practice for Dana was fueled out of pride, she was going to prove people wrong that she could do the poses
  • As she continued to practice that intention want away – she began wanting to practice because it was changing her life
  • Practicing outside at the park, Dana learned to not care and things began to shift for her
  • She was doing the poses for herself
  • Through yoga, she found the way to live for herself
  • The change just slowly started to happen
  • She also struggled with binge eating, but she didn’t realize she was doing it until she stopped
  • Her yoga practice began taking the place of eating, the wiring in her brain was starting to change from negative to positive
  • Men diagnosed with eating disorders have increased by 30%
  • Yoga is about vulnerability and saying I need to be a certain way and accepting yourself and loving yourself
  • A place of self worth needs to be developed from something over time
  • The comfort of being alone – if you are not comfortable being alone – find out why and where it is coming from
  • Ashtanga Yoga – set series of poses
  • Developing a meditation practice first can be really effective, also adding stretching can make a difference
  • Don’t be the only thing that holds yourself back, if there is something you want to do…just do it!

Links and resources:

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“There is a lot of crossover with yoga and different styles of movement” Dana Falsetti

“For some reason, when I saw 300 pounds on the scale it was a trigger for me” Dana Falsetti

“Being overweight wasn’t making me unhappy, I needed something deeper than that” Dana Falsetti

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