SMP 106: Flying In The Face Of Failure

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Today’s guest is an owner of a CrossFit box and a pilot in the Royal Navy. Gareth Morgan is the owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Yeovil and has worked with clients like HM Royal Navy Trainees and Yeovil Town Football Club. Yeovil CrossFit opened in 2013, and it is their goal to help men and women increase their fitness and become stronger. Gareth is also a Helicopter instructor at Commando Helicopter Force. Gareth is also the creator, and a Mental Skills & Performance Coach at Above Failure. Where he uses his mental and physical ability to help train others for high performance.

Gareth joined the military straight out of school and trained to be a pilot. Being in the military also helped him be involved in fitness. Then he discovered CrossFit and opened his CrossFit box four years ago. Besides logging over 2000 flight hours, when Gareth wasn’t away on missions he was a trainer. He takes teaching, coaching, and training very seriously and thinks it’s the responsibility of the trainer to communicate properly. His training career in the military made the perfect cross over point for his fitness and coaching career.

Today’s topics include:

  • Flight training is stressful and it lasts a long time
  • There was a lot of visualization or armchair flying where you go over everything in your head
  • Gareth had never flown in a plane, before he had become a pilot
  • Just because someone is a coach or trainer doesn’t mean they know how to coach or train
  • Coach the human first, if you can’t communicate it is useless
  • You can’t unlearn what you already know
  • Making it safe for people to fail and get success is not a bad thing
  • Above Failure is a framework to dig into the failure thinking, to get past roadblocks and hurdles that hold us back
  • Mindset and mental skills are complicated for someone who just wants to get fit and healthy
  • They also bring in elements of sports psychology and ways to work through things
  • They try to maximize abilities to improve
  • They apply practical applications and mindset – workshop style
  • Goal setting – compliance – people don’t do it even though it works
  • Habits – begin with habits – our brains are efficient – changing and implementing habit will help with goal setting
  • Above habit – steps to help you do what you are supposed to do
  • Be still – Be ferocious
  • In the moment – stopping stress improves performance
  • How to be prepared when things come up to stay in compliance
  • Failure thinking – when something goes wrong that’s when you learn stuff
  • The better reality model
  • Preparation
  • Strategy
  • Performance analysis
  • Fitness is similar to flight because there is a lot of preparation that goes into both things, plan ahead and analyze what you are doing and why
  • Start with understanding that failure thinking is not a bad thing

Links and resources:

CrossFit Yeovil

Gareth Morgan facebook

Above Failure

Above Failure facebook


“Being an instructor means showing someone how to be better and get home safe” Gareth Morgan

“There shouldn’t be a reason for someone to fail training, it’s down to the instructors to do what it takes to get them through” Gareth Morgan

“Understanding and communicating in a simple way is important” Gareth Morgan

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