SMP 104: International Athleticism With Franz Snideman

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Today we are speaking to Franz Snideman the owner of Revolution Fitness. Franz co-developed the dynamic Primal Speed System and Primal Move Velocity. He is also the author of several books and training DVDs. He believes in educating his coaching clients. He uses his biomechanical understanding to adapt personal training regimens for his coaching clients. He is also an International lecturer, a Senior Strong First Instructor, and a Primal Move National Instructor. He is also a former collegiate sprinter.

Franz has been a personal trainer for 17 years, since he moved to La Jolla. He opened Revolution Fitness and teaches sprint workshops and trains clients. He is also slowly stepping away from training to focus on teaching holistic athleticism. Specifically for people who are aging, and how to intelligently program your training. Especially, if you have a competitive goal. Life is not over until it’s over, and people should be able to compete as they age.

Today’s topics include:

  • Holistic athleticism is intentional athleticism – speed, power, endurance, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination – end range goal and take an honest assessment of what you are good and bad at. If you want sustainability work on things you aren’t good at.
  • Getting good at something that increases those motor qualities
  • Being intentional seems obvious, but it’s not
  • The goal is sustainability over a lifetime – being athletic for life
  • The secret to achieve your goal is to know the adaptation you need to achieve
  • Athletes need power – speed and power are important and overlooked
  • Average person can do very well with kettlebells
  • It’s the intention behind whatever tool you use, and training the motor quality of power
  • Power work for sprinters – work on whatever they are weak at by testing
  • Speed and power, activities that older people don’t usually do
  • By not taking these exercises out for older has enabled them to continuing doing these exercises
  • Take someone who is 60 and put them in an environment where 70 years olds are kicking ass and they change their mindset and mental expectations
  • You build an environment where being quick, powerful, and strong is not dangerous
  • The class of the future goes overboard with intentional assessment and making them super fit
  • Progressively introducing foundational movements
  • The level of experience that people are sharing now is changing ageing in athletics
  • Athletics give structure to your training and it’s nice to have something to look forward to
  • Doing things that make you feel alive
  • Minimal effective dose of training that allows to still be functional and improve the motor quality of speed and power
  • Kettlebell training is a great way to increase power
  • True power training involves running, jumping, or sprinting – get people to jump low
  • Go on toes, then quickly go down – start with low impact and then gradually increase
  • Let the tissues adapt slowly
  • Marching replicate the habits of sprinting – point toes up and raise leg as high as knee
  • Daily marching, use shoulders, good posture, aggressive foot strike, which is sprinting
  • Marching and skipping rewire your brain to land under your body
  • Look into sprinting, it is not what you think, take a primal speed course
  • Be intentional and take a careful approach to keep those fast twitch fibers alive

Links and resources:

Revolution Fitness

Franze’s Blog

Franze on Facebook

Twitter @franzsnideman

Instagram @franzsnideman


“Life is not over until it’s actually over” Franz Snideman

“We can actually be very competitive, functional, and athletic the challenge is mindset” Franz Snideman

“Removing the capacity to compete in a sport is a tragedy, for most people it is completely possible to compete” Franz Snideman

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