SMP 07: Crossfit, Paleo & Kipping With The Naked Ape

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Episode 7

Pete and Mark Davis from Naked Ape talk to Seb and Josh about their awesome, Paleo, biltong snack packs that they hand produce themselves up in Harrogate. As athletes themselves, they have produced nutritionally balanced and convenient snacks targeted at athletes who really like to take care of their dietary needs. As a CrossFit Box owner, Pete also answers many controversial CrossFit related questions that Seb and Josh fire at him. Both Pete any Mark will be doing the SFG cert in November, and get a few great tips from Seb and Josh on how to prepare, and what to expect.


  • Learn about Naked Ape, how it started, and how their products have recently fuelled a Marathon Des Sables athlete.
  • Hear from a CrossFit Box owner about what he thinks of the educational structure in the CrossFit community.
  • Get some really useful tips on how to prepare for the StrongFirst Sfg cert.
  • Be introduced to Seb’s new Naked Ape game.
  • Get the Latest News From The Strength Matters Community.
  • Plus a LOT more….



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