Secrets of Elite Obstacle Course Racers with Taylor Starch

In this episode, Taylor Starch, strength and conditioning coach to the US Air Forces, speaks honestly and openly about his unquenchable passion for fitness and training. He has a long list of qualifications that solidifies his deep understanding into not only fitness but also, training for the long haul that is life. He has walked a long tough journey to get to where he is but he remains a pillar of inspiration to the fitness community.

James Breese and Josh Kennedy chat to Taylor who shares his incredible wealth of knowledge about how the human body functions and what that means for the way we should be training. He goes into some mind-blowing facts on aerobic versus anaerobic training and what the “everyday athlete” should be focussing on in their weekly workouts – and the answer may surprise you…

Discussion points:

  • Taylor Starch’s career history
  • Failed in business
  • Selling his gym
  • Getting a job as a trainer for the Airforce
  • Training for Spartan Races
  • Strength training vs Cardio training
  • Running mistakes
  • Training for Running
  • The Importance of foot and pelvis strength in running
  • Impact on bones during running
  • Potential – Energy management
  • Importance of the Aerobic System


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Do the math, like out of 24 hours in a day, what percentage of your day is anaerobically driven? It’s like less than an hour out of 24 hours and then when we get into the gym, everyone is like anaerobic monsters… That makes no sense.”  – Taylor Starch


“Call me crazy, I think at a minimum, humans should be getting seven hours of cardio, low intensity per week.” – Taylor Starch


“When your aerobic system is strong, life is no longer a workout – it’s life.” – Taylor Starch


“I think that, if you want to be a beast, go up hills and go fast.” – Taylor Starch


“You’re capable of awesome, you’ve just gotta ask yourself; ‘do I wanna get better?’ and if you do, it’s not about if you can’t do it, it’s if you won’t do it.” – Taylor Starch’

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