6 Essential Strength Matters Podcast Episodes As Chosen By Seb & Josh

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It is hard to believe that we are now on episode 100?! We wanted to hear from the hosts of the podcast, our very own Seb Morgan and Josh Kennedy, what they favourite episode have been!

(1) Episode 34 – Whiskey and Deadlifts with Chris Duffin

This interview with Chris Duffin has to be one of the most inspiring background stories we’ve ever shared. Words cannot do it justice. Chris holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17,010 pounds (42 reps of 405lbs). He is known for his detailed coaching and ability to provide immediate gains for his athletes. This episode is extremely insightful into Chris’ life, and to reverse the damage humans have created to their bodies from lack of movement and technology!



(2) Episode 54 – The Art of Coaching with Dan John

Dan John is no stranger to the Strength Matters Podcast. However, this episode stands out for Seb and Josh, and makes it into their top 6! World-renowned strength coach Dan John talk about the principles behind his Art of Coaching workshops and his book, Can You Go?. In this episode, Dan tells us what he means by sex drive, thrive and survive! An epic listen from start to finish!



(3) Episode 56 & 57 – Hail To The Dinosaurs Part 1&2 With Brooks Kubik

“The people who measured how they were doing based on how they looked, tended to never be satisfied with who they were.” – Brooks Kubik

Brooks Kubik episodes makes it into Seb and Josh’s top 6 podcasts also. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Brooke is the creator of Dinosaur Training. He has a huge sports history and a passion for real training. Brooke talks about his pet peeves, why he loves bent presses, and his experience trying to lift the Thomas Inch Dumbbell.




(4) Episode 61 – A History of Violence with Geoff Thomas

“The moment we start to embrace the things we’re afraid of, our consciousness expands” – Geoff Thomas

Geoff is a best-selling author, screenplay writer, martial arts expert, teacher and motivational speaker. Geoff dove right into telling us some of his most fascinating life stories during his transition from martial artist, to bouncer to screenwriter, and how his life lessons all wound back up at fear. This episode is most certainly worth a listen!



(5) Episode 63 – How to maximize your training potential with DNAFit and Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele is a 400m runner and an Olympic Athlete, born and raised in the UK. He tells us what it feels like to miss the Beijing Olympic qualifications by .6 seconds – ouch!) He too goes into detail on telling us about his ‘old school’ training approach, and what it felt like not to make the home Olympic games after training for it, for 7 years! Definitely an episode worth listening to!



(6) Episode 79 – My Diet Is Better Than Yours With Abel James

Abel James, who is a best-selling author, a top 10 App Developer, a musician, radio show host, entrepreneur, and health crusader is a fantastic guest in this podcast. He is also Josh’s man crush.. Which features in this podcast (worth a listen in itself!) During this podcast he gives us an insight into his diet, the hidden benefits of coffee and butter, and his app, Caveman Feast. It’s an awesome episode, with some fantastic tips and knowledge bombs!



And there you have it, Seb and Josh’s top 6 podcasts! The range of speakers and knowledge over the past 100 podcasts has been phenomenal, making it a difficult task only choosing 6! Here is to the next 100! Happy listening everyone! Thank you for the continuous support of downloading and listening to the Strength Matters Podcasts!

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