Season 3: We’re Back!

Catch up with Josh Kennedy and James Breese after quite a bit of a hiatus from the podcast –  thanks to… you guessed it – the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re back, however, for the third season of the podcast that helps people over thirty, juggling fitness with their work – and family life, get the most out of their training programs.

This is just an introductory episode to the new season with an update on where James and Josh found themselves over the past few months. They share news about exciting changes to the Strength Matters program. Keep an eye out for details on all these changes in upcoming podcast episodes.

Discussion points:

  • James’ experience contracting COVID-19 at the infamous Ischgl ski resort
  • Strength matters Online Assessment and scoring system rethink
  • Return of the Fit Over 30 Magazine
  • Revamped fat loss system and nutrition calculator


“I’ve got friends who are very fit mountain guides who are still suffering from it [COVID-19 related side-effects] right now.” – James


“… it led to us having a whole deep look, a rethink of our entire assessment system…” Josh


“…we saw that there was a flaw in here, not from the actual data we’re collecting but, to explain that data to people, to make them understand it…” – James


“Changing the assessment system, then led to the scoring system, it’s led to all sorts of stuff.” – Josh



Ischgl Ski Resort Spreading COVID-19

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Announcer: So the big question is this, how are successful everyday athletes over 30, like us who work hard, who don't have much time at two are always having to juggle life and family. How will we able to live a pain-free athletic lifestyle? How do we train? What do we eat? And what do we do different that allows us to get the most out of life, but still have time for all our hobbies, family, and friends. That is the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. Welcome to the Fit over 30 podcast.

Josh Kennedy: Welcome to the fit over 30 podcast, the podcast for people over 30, who want to lose weight, get stronger and live better. This is apparently a season three. We are back again again again, are we not with me? On the other end of the line is the new Jimmy Hendrix. It's James Breese. I like that

James Breese: Because I like that. You can definitely keep that name if I could be half as good as even good to Harvey.

Josh Kennedy: Uh, yes, because you've just, you've just taken up guitar again after a long hiatus, right? Oh God. Yeah.

James Breese: Brilliant. Like it's such a why I stopped. I have no idea, but it's been fantastic. I get back. Yeah.

Josh Kennedy: Yeah. You don't do any work anymore. That all you do is play guitar.

James Breese: You pretty much have decided. Yeah. Yeah. Getting away from strength matters. There's guitar matters these days and that's all I care.

Josh Kennedy: But anyway, less than that, and yes, fit over 30 podcast is back for season three and people must be wondering, where did you go? What happened? Well, uh, this is, uh, an introduction to season three, basically to say, yeah. W where we went, what happened and the long and short of it is we were bubbling along nicely on the season two. And then the whole world changed. Did it not COVID happened. The entire world changed. Everything changed for everyone. And, uh, the podcast fell by the wayside for, for many, many reasons. Did it not James? Cause you, you were in Austria at the time and you actually, uh, you got COVID.

James Breese: Yeah, exactly. Before I knew and knew exactly what was going on. But yeah, no, we were, we all good. It was nice. It was great. We're back in a rhythm, recording, everything. It was all going well. And I'll I'll

Josh Kennedy: If we get up to, to quite a few. So there were quite a few,

James Breese: It was nice. It was nice to get back into a flow of things. And I was really enjoying it. It was nice talking about what we're doing and how we're doing things. And yeah, it was middle of February last year where I said to you, mate, I can't do this week. Um, I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling real. And then I just got worse and worse all week. And I, at the time, I didn't know it was COVID we didn't know anything at the time what it was at the time, but I was so fatigued. I'll tell you about how it affected me and how I felt in the second. But it was the, it was that initial realization. Oh, I can't do this. And then two weeks later, cause where I was an [inaudible], which is now infamous for the spread of coronavirus around them,

Josh Kennedy: The world. That was like the group center for Europe. Wasn't it? Yeah.

James Breese: Oh God. Yeah. It's it's crazy. It was um, yeah. Well, if you look, if you Google it Google, now it'll tell you how people are dripping in the virus and like drenched in the virus and how there's lawsuits against the whole place going on. And it was crazy. I'll never forget it like a week before I got ill, everybody around me was becoming sick. Like we thought it was the winter flu, like mid season blues as we call it out in the, in the mountains because yeah, just at time, February, it's dark. It's been a long season already. It's halfway through. It just happens. People just get sick, normal winter flu. But this time, own boats helping out in the ski high shop and people were turning the skis and their boots early and that never happens. And all my friends are walking around. It was like land, the living dead, like zombies that people sick, coughing, ill all over the resort and no one put two and two together and then it hit me and I was Kao in bed for a whole week. Quite literally.

Josh Kennedy: Yeah. But even then still didn't realize it was COVID just thought you had the flu.

James Breese: Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. And it wasn't until two weeks later, then it all came out and then the first cases were being announced inside the kits lock bar, which is one of the famous app, whiskey bars. All the staff were diagnosed with it and that's what we hang out all the time, you know, post-season post days and what have you. And it was, it was a crazy time. So if anyone like you as habits, I can feel it. I know exactly how it,

Josh Kennedy: We think. Man, me and Liz, my wife, we think we had it end of February, early March. Can't be sure we had the weirdest. Well, I ended up with, we both ended up with a bit of a cough. I had a high temperature, you know, it's all the right symptoms, but we had the weirdest muscular, literally couldn't use my limbs type thing. I've never experienced anything like it. So might not have been, I don't know. But it was, it was the weirdest thing I've ever had. Honestly,

James Breese: It was the same as me. I'll remember the first hour cut. It was, it was, I, it was like a Tuesday morning. I woke up, it snowed all night. The night before it was like, the sun was starting to come out beautiful blue bird day, ready to go, snowboarding, got a stuff on. I was like, Oh, my legs are feeling really heavy today. Like why are they feeling so heavy? Uh, walk down the Hill to get to the bus, to get into town. And I remember going up on the go and you're going, I don't something doesn't feel right today. I did one run and take your mind. I've been snowboarding for over 20 years. And it was literally like, I'd never had a snowboard on my legs. It was like, what is going on here? So I did one, one ended up back down the mountain.

James Breese: I took, got home by about one o'clock I fell asleep and I woke up the next day at 6:00 AM. Like I just slept all the way through. And then I stayed in bed pretty much and didn't eat anything for like a week. I was so fatigued. And then about seven days later I felt a bit better. And then 10 days later I was back to normal. Again, it was very, very strange. But the crazy thing is, is, is that what I experienced, the, what I'm seeing, what I've seen, like, you know, everyone has a different opinions on this. And I understand that personally, from my experience, I pretty much had it. I was fatigued, but I've got friends who are very fit mountain guides, who is still suffering from it right now and seeing what happens all night. So it's, it's been a crazy, it was a crazy journey. And then we went into full lockdown in Austria. Um,

Josh Kennedy: It's been a crazy 10 months, uh, throughout, throughout the world. As I say, everything changed. Obviously England went into lockdown a month, a few weeks later than it, everything changed. We had to share childcare. So it was half day look after Henry half day trying to catch desperately catch up on strength about as work. So yeah, podcasts kind of went out the window, which is fair enough, but, but let's get off COVID that made us, um, you know, have time to do other work and look at other things. And, um, basically at that point we were in touch with a tech company weren't we, we were, they wanted, they were interested in our assessments and it basically led to us having a whole deep look, a rethink at our entire assessment system. Didn't it? Oh, I did.

James Breese: It was, it was mental. Like I remember like we went from lockdown here and I got, I was in military, locked down and got escorted back onto a plate and ends book by the military. Um, like back into the UK, straight into lockdown. Yeah. Pretty much dead. So I ended up staying at my parents and being bunker down and we, you were dealing with childcare and going from there, but anyways, it kind of press pause and everything we're doing. And the same time we were approached executive were approached by this tech tech company who wants to learn about online assessment system. This is when the whole world, particularly in the world of trainers and training, they needed to start working on online and like, how do we go to transition to online? And we've been doing it for quite a few years now. So they approached us and we, they asked some questions and the questions they asked us, we're like, Ooh, that's a really good idea.

James Breese: I wonder how you do that. And then it led to us literally putting our brains together. We had some time, once we figured out all this stuff, to get it, to revise our whole trading system and see what the positives were, what the negatives were and create this new, I'd say the online scoring system, the everyday athlete score, I think is the best way to describe it, which we'll talk about separately in another episode, I think, but essentially we looked at our assessments. We saw that there was a floor in here, not from the actual data we're collecting, but explain that data to people to make them understand it. And also for us to interpret the data. So we're collecting so much data and that's, that's what we're going to do. So we create the scoring system to gives a score someone's system, broke it down to the four pillars. And that was the start of a whole world of different things happening.

Josh Kennedy: I mean, it's not like, obviously we understood the system and how to do it, but even from our point of view, when we had that revamp of it, we found a way just to, just to simplify it so you can look at it and go, right. I see where the issues are now. Boom, boom, boom. There you go. And also, so it made sense to clients from a client's perspective, not see, you have to have a fitness knowledge. You could just look at it from a client's point of view and go, Oh yeah, I see where the, where the problems are. And then as you say, changing the assessment system then led to the scoring system. It's led to all sorts of stuff.

James Breese: Oh it hasn't, didn't it. Like I said, well, we'll say this for the next episode where we'll dive into the, where we are and how we were doing. But it was, it was that I kick-started something else. And it started with, maybe we also need to start writing about this some more. And then yeah, suddenly we had the magazine back. So the magazine is back and this is all happened during lockdown. We, we sat down, like I was on my profile with my parents. I had all the time in the world to, you know, like not to go anywhere and do anything else. So I was like, I was immersed in like the bat cave, almost like it was like a reemerged three months later after testing this stuff out and seeing what's going on with writing about it. So yeah. Then we got the magazine back. So it's just been the fourth issue six, I think has just been released while it's back to be released. It's my favorite cover actually. It's amazing. It's amazing snowboarding stuff. Yeah, me too, which is great. And I've, I've loved. It's mostly cause it's been, it's been fun writing about things and learning about things to make it clear in my head and move forward. So

Josh Kennedy: We got, uh, eventually got some mugs from China.

James Breese: Again, don't even the whole, the whole

Josh Kennedy: Postal system in the world fell apart.

James Breese: So if anyone's listening here and they haven't received their mugs, I wholeheartedly apologize just to just so you know what happened is we ordered the mugs when COVID hits, they've got held in customs. They were delayed for like two months leaving customs. And then when we started shipping them out, we should go to the UK and across Europe, they were getting broken, the packaging, whatever the system was, was breaking and people in North America. Again, I know you probably waiting for your mug still. We've had a whole load of people with broken mugs that were like four months old, turn up, back at the back of the place. So we are working on that. We're going to fix that and we do apologize wholeheartedly, such as simple and great. It's a great mug by the way, when you get it, it's fantastic.

Josh Kennedy: But wait, when people actually do get it in one piece, because my first one to adopt broken, I was the test candidate and that turned up broken, but it is a lovely mug. In fact, I've just, I've got it here next to me at my desk. And I just finished a cup of tea out of it.

James Breese: Yeah. They spin up the, the, the mug mug lottery, like say like if you guys in the States got theirs yesterday, Perry Nicholson got hairs and he was fine. And the editor of the magazine got her staff got hers and it was broken. And anyway, we're working on it, we're fixing it. And we do apologize. But for those who know about the mug, everyone is everyone who subscribes to the magazine gets a free mug, a whole mug, not a broken mug. So, um, which is kind of cool. And then, yeah, and then other stuff is going on as well. Like with the writing came and system developments, we revamped our whole fat loss system and that's turned into

Josh Kennedy: So fancy nutrition. We've upped our game on nutrition. We've got a lovely nutrition calculator, which again, we're going to a whole episode in itself. So we'll talk.

James Breese: Um, Andrew, I suppose. Yeah. Which, which we tested out on me technically first, then we did. Yep. And for those who are listening, I've dropped, how much have I dropped seven, eight kilos. Yeah. Turbo is that seven kilos or so exactly. And it's, it's been quite fun. Not like that's a whole nother episode. We'll share. Yeah. To say about that journey and the things we learned and the things we applied and it's the things you apply with other people. Like we need to get Jerome on the podcast actually and discuss his journey because here's his phenomenal,

Josh Kennedy: Well, he's going to be our main interview in the next dish in January's edition

James Breese: In the magazine, right? Yeah, absolutely. Yep, yep. Exactly. We're upgrading the magazine new stuff. Yeah.

Josh Kennedy: So that's a, so that brings us up to, uh, up to where we are now. Really there's a hell of a lot of going on, revamping the assessments, bringing in new, talking to Perry, by the way, he helped us cast a critical eye. I would say over the assessments and add some new stuff. And then the scoring system getting like, you know, averages, we can look at averages across the world that people can't turn left.

James Breese: Exactly. Yeah. I know. That's fun. That's ridiculous. Isn't it? How we can see the data and visualize that. So yeah. No, it's, it is exciting. There's like I said, for those who are listening now, this is a, just a quick welcome back with. So in a away life happened, COVID happened. We're back having revamped a whole lot behind the scenes to share with you loads of cool information, stuff that we never learned about or never heard of before. And we've been applying. So we can't wait to share that with you. Some of these concepts to make us a more well-rounded I think strength matters as opposed to what we were before. So yeah. I'm highly excited. Um, Josh is ecstatic about the podcast going back as well. He's obviously missed my face on video.

Josh Kennedy: Oh God. Yeah. I miss your face. I see your face every day. I know with no for your face.

James Breese: I know it's a guy's policy. Thanks for bearing with us. I know there's lots of, you've been listening to the podcast, been pushing us to get episodes back out

Josh Kennedy: Magazine and people are like, hang on. But you have done any new episodes for agencies. Sorry. Sorry about that.

James Breese: Yeah, but we're back, we're back on track. Are you going to back with a weekly podcast or two? Depending on how well we go with it and yeah, so guys, it's good to be back. I can't wait to share all this information with you. It's going to be a fun,

Josh Kennedy: Right? Yeah. And we just need to put our heads together now and decide what we're going to talk about. And episode two, probably, uh, the, the revamp of the assessment. So I would imagine that'd be the first call and then the scoring system, et cetera, et cetera. Well, James has been, uh, it's been lovely to talk to you. Welcome.

James Breese: It's been, I like to say the same about you, but Hey,

Josh Kennedy: What, what are your plans for afterwards? When we sign off, go and play some guitar. Not bother doing it anymore.

James Breese: Yeah. Probably play guitar actually. That's that's the goal at the moment. It's it's funny. It is funny. Like I, that anyone who isn't, if anyone follows me on Instagram, they'll either see snowboarding pictures or now like guitar pictures. And for those guitar geeks out there, it's a tailor. I've got a brand new, get your Taylor 400 series. And I'm very excited about that.

Josh Kennedy: But anyone who follows me on Instagram don't bother because I never post or like, well, I like yours and strength matters posts. That's what, that's what I do. I appreciate it. At least like got one fan. You're welcome. You're welcome. And that's pretty much it we'll be back. When, when is this coming out? Cause we've got a couple of episodes in the bag.

James Breese: It will be December early December. So hopefully come December. The first, this will be on track and good to go.

Josh Kennedy: Fantastic. That's about it from now. Say goodbye, James. Goodbye, James. Thank you guys for listening until next time.

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