Season 3: We’re Back!

Catch up with Josh Kennedy and James Breese after quite a bit of a hiatus from the podcast –  thanks to… you guessed it – the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re back, however, for the third season of the podcast that helps people over thirty, juggling fitness with their work – and family life, get the most out of their training programs.

This is just an introductory episode to the new season with an update on where James and Josh found themselves over the past few months. They share news about exciting changes to the Strength Matters program. Keep an eye out for details on all these changes in upcoming podcast episodes.

Discussion points:

  • James’ experience contracting COVID-19 at the infamous Ischgl ski resort
  • Strength matters Online Assessment and scoring system rethink
  • Return of the Fit Over 30 Magazine
  • Revamped fat loss system and nutrition calculator


“I’ve got friends who are very fit mountain guides who are still suffering from it [COVID-19 related side-effects] right now.” – James


“… it led to us having a whole deep look, a rethink of our entire assessment system…” Josh


“…we saw that there was a flaw in here, not from the actual data we’re collecting but, to explain that data to people, to make them understand it…” – James


“Changing the assessment system, then led to the scoring system, it’s led to all sorts of stuff.” – Josh



Ischgl Ski Resort Spreading COVID-19

Strength Matters Online Coaching

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