How to Navigate the World of Supplements with Ben Coomber

Today we are thrilled to have Ben Coomber join us on the podcast.  Ben is the founder of Awesome Supplements, a 100% plant-based collection of health supplements with amazing flavor, effective ingredients, and a newly rebranded, greener packaging and manufacturing process. We don’t have guests on to promote their products unless we personally believe in …

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The Importance of Having a Growth Mindset to Get Results

Today we are talking about getting your mind (and life) in order before beginning any training or nutrition program in the new year.  So many people make huge changes in their lives (moving, having a baby, starting a new job) and decide to tack on a new fitness program at the same time.  Sadly this rarely works out and people end up dropping out of the fitness program very quickly.

How to Start Your 2022 Fitness Journey the Right Way

Today we discuss the common mistakes people make starting an overambitious new fitness plan in the new year. From deciding to follow trendy, sexy, “30-day programs” posted by Instagram influencers, to skipping important assessment steps, jumping right into these short-term programs that promise a quick fix will set you up for long-term failure. 

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Today we discuss some of the biggest reasons that people drop their New Year’s resolutions.   From being overzealous and creating enormous goals that cannot be achieved easily or quickly, to setting goals that are made to please others instead of yourself, we will go over some of the ways you can dial back your New Year’s resolutions to make them more enjoyable, achievable, and realistic.

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