[Case Study] How I Lost 20kg and Became Pain Free with Jeroen Westra

In this episode, Jeroen shares his toughest challenges of the process and how he overcame them. He also notes the specific reasons he believes he lost weight successfully this time (and is keeping it off) when he has failed with diets in the past. 

Over 30? Here’s How To Approach Cardio Training…

You hear a lot about the importance of cardio, but how do you get started with cardio if you’re a beginner over 30? You may have noticed that it’s harder to do things that you previously did easily. You may even be telling yourself that you “used to be able” to do those cardio-related exercises, but not anymore.

Metabolic Intensity For General Health With James FitzGerald

What is metabolic intensity, and why doesn’t it belong in the average person’s training program? This is just one of the topics that are addressed by today’s guest. James Fitzgerald, the founder of Opex Fitness, joins the podcast today to talk about broccoli, metabolic intensity, and training for health and longevity.

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