Over 30? Here’s How To Approach Cardio Training…

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You hear a lot about the importance of cardio, but how do you get started with cardio if you’re a beginner over 30? You may have noticed that it’s harder to do things that you previously did easily. You may even be telling yourself that you “used to be able” to do those cardio-related exercises, but not anymore.

Listen to today’s conversation with James Breese to learn why it’s time to remove “I used to” from your vocabulary, why you may not want to jump straight into running with no preparation, and how to make cardio more enjoyable.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Removing “I used to” from your vocabulary
  • What cardio exercise really is
  • Why Couch to 5k may not be the best idea
  • Risks of jumping into running without preparation
  • Building a tolerance for walking before running
  • Going from walking to running
  • Making cardio enjoyable

Quotes From the Show:

“I can’t do these things. I used to do them. I should be able to do them now.” –James Breese

“Essentially cardio is unloaded non-weight bearing exercises that raises the heart level sufficiently and allows more blood to be pumped around the body from the heart.” –James Breese

“The cardiovascular system – it takes time. It takes time to build up.” –James Breese

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