An Open Letter To Strength Matters Instructors

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Dear Strength Matters Instructors,

Strength Matters began in 2014 leading on from the work we started at Kettlebell Fever. We began on a journey to empower Everyday Athletes with the skills to change their lives and make the world a stronger, fitter, healthier place. The goal is forward-thinking, diverse and meets needs of the Everyday Athlete – as well as the coaches that train them with a strong base of multimedia and business support.

In 2017, the goal remains the same. Albeit, the road to get here has been long and weaved many paths.

When breaking away from former partnerships, ties and connections, our goal was never to be the same or even be referred to as the “third kettlebell company”, a tagline that has been with us from the very beginning and one that will be difficult to shift.

We have openly welcomed instructors of every discipline at our summits, certifications, community groups and we pride ourselves in showing respect for other beliefs, viewpoints and ways of training and thinking.

At Strength Matters, we encourage a multidimensional approach to training and to avoid the “cultish” mentality often associated with the fitness industry. We can all learn from each other, and if we don’t agree then we must respect each other’s viewpoints. That then allows us to take the elements of each other’s systems that resonate with our own beliefs and formulate a hybrid approach.

As we move forward into 2017, our goal is to help the Everyday Athlete. That remains steadfast. However, the training ethos and the way we do things is changing. The Kettlebell is a fantastic tool, that is undeniable. But it is just that. A tool. And we can no longer endorse a unique stand-alone system of training around the kettlebell. We believe in having an open mind and embracing technology, a new way of thinking and having a system of training that’s adaptable to change and new ideas.

Without Mark Reifkind, Strength Matters would never have gotten off the ground. For that we will always be grateful. He set the strong foundations for our new leadership to take the helm and was an inspiration for all of us here. And with a change of leadership comes a change of direction and focus. We have remained quiet behind the scenes as we rigorously debate, share ideas, test new protocols and develop our own unique system of training.

I’ll state this clearly: We are NOT another school of strength. We believe in intentional athleticism. We believe that everyone is an athlete, an Everyday Athlete.

We are more concerned with being healthy, active, getting outside and living to 100 years old than simply adding more weight to the bar. Because the bar always wins. Our goal is for Everyday Athletes to win at the game of life, to get out and move more. Our new system of training will help support them so that they have the freedom to do that in their everyday lives. The game of life is not won in the gym.

New Core Focus and Message

Moving forward, all our certifications and workshops will be focusing on our Seven Principles of Human Movement and our Ten Principles of Athleticism. Our new Continuum Principles will provide a system of fitness education that allow us to quickly and effectively determine where you or a client sits on the scale and how each of you can program effectively and address each of these principles.

In 2017, we will be slowly introducing our brand-new curriculum at the Level 1 Certifications, while staying true to our roots of the system we have put together. The Strength Matters Level 2 Certification, takes place in in the U.K. in September, will be a fast-track workshop and certification showcasing our new curriculum that will be launching in 2018.

2018 And Beyond

In 2018, all events and workshops will be going to a two-day format. We have listened to your feedback and suggestions and we are dedicated to giving you more of what you want. The fitness industry is evolving quickly and taking three or more days away from your business is no longer financially manageable. Let alone the time factor, which is your most precious commodity. We are also aware how education costs can skyrocket when you factor in travel, accommodation and other expenses such as food.

Our new curriculum will initially consist of three, two-day workshops, which will lead to the qualification of Strength Matters Certified Professional. This will also see a complete restructure of our pricing system. You can expect more modestly priced workshops. We are listening.

How Will This Impact You As An SMK Instructor?

The SMK 1 and 2 will remain a valid certification and credential. We will continue to honor this indefinitely. But as a bonus, the Level 1 Instructor will automatically receive an updated certificate and manual outlining your participation in the Strength Matters Fundamentals Workshop and Level 1 Certification.

For everyone who attends the SMK Level 2, you will receive both the SMK 2 Certification, a new manual and the Level 2 Certification of completion and awarded title of Strength Matters Certified Professional.

The Level 2 will be the fast-track gateway to our 2018 curriculum and you will be the very first to achieve our new distinguished rank of Certified Strength Matters Professional.

Final Thoughts

We have some exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks—and at the forefront is the launch of our new App, which will be available on Apple, Google and the Amazon stores. We will also officially announce our newly appointed Director Of Athletic Performance.

The world of fitness is changing. We can see the direction the industry is going as and we want to help put our instructors are at the forefront of the industry. Our current Senior Instructors are not only shining examples of health and athleticism, but also fantastic business role models for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs. I am often asked the criteria for becoming a Senior Instructor and I can firmly say it’s not only based on your ability to teach and perform impressive feats of strength and athleticism. It’s your ability to inspire others and seamlessly fit into Strength Matters core culture.

In closing, I repeat again, our message as we move forward will be that of athleticism and the Everyday Athlete. We have never been clearer on our message and this is just the start of several exciting projects coming out of HQ in the coming next 12 months. Our curriculum is changing to meet the needs of both the Everyday Athlete and the coach, and together I strongly believe we can move the industry forward making a significant difference in the world. I hope that you are just as excited as we are as we embark on this incredible journey together.

I am an Everyday Athlete. I hope that you are, too.


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An Open Letter To Strength Matters Instructors
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