Round Up : One-Day Kettlebell Course in Tucson, AZ, USA

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The Strength Matters One – Day Kettlebell workshop was held in Tucson, AZ, hosted by Senior SMK Jerry Trubman at his gym, The Protocol Strength & Conditioning.

The morning began with all the attendants having the opportunity to share a little about themselves and what they were hoping to get out of the clinic.

This was a very diverse group: Some were fitness instructors taking the first steps to serious kettlebell training, advanced KB enthusiasts, school P.E. teachers, and even a few ordinary office dwellers who were looking to advance their kettlebell game.

One-Day Kettlebell Course In Tucson, AZ, USA Top row left-to-right: Brice Helms, Joe Comstock, Martin Valente, Linda Kubiak, Renee Blanchard, Matt Santucci
Bottom row left-to-right: Jerry Trubman, Natalie Bowen, Roxanne Chance, Dennise Larios, Lydia Crain

First on the agenda was breathing prep and a joint mobility warmup.

Jerry carefully broke down the breathing drills for generating tension, as well as balancing it with breathing drills for relaxation.

Next was the joint mobility warmup. You can view a video of the warmup in its entirety here.

Next on the agenda came the deconstruction of the swing: The center of the kettlebell universe.

Although this was far from the first time most of these participants have worked with a kettlebell, everything is still taught as though they are seeing it for the first time.

Progressions began with breaking down the difference between hinging at the hips vs squatting, followed by the deadlift, followed by the mechanics of the swing.

Many participants commented on how valuable it was to re-visit these drills and just about everyone walked out of the workshop with better-looking swings.


After lunch came the Goblet squat.

Once again, Jerry took time to break down the mechanics of the squat and showed the group how to deconstruct this movement joint-by-joint as a means to help identify where problems may lie.


Many people, especially those in first-world countries, have a difficult time with this essential movement pattern, so it was really neat to see it broken down this way.


Last, but certainly not least, came the getup.

The getup has many moving parts, so Jerry started with a simple introduction to these steps.

Next, the group got to practice performing the getup while balancing a shoe on a closed fist. Some even graduated to a half-full water bottle!

Each step in the getup has many cues and corrections, so Jerry spent a great deal of time visiting the sticking points that some people were experiencing at the various steps before advancing to the weighted getup.

The course wrapped with a workout containing all the skills that were taught that day, followed by a brief lecture on programming principles and basic program design.

Since it’s nearly impossible to retain all the information covered in an 8-hour course, attendants received a 26-page illustrated manual.

This serves as a valuable reference tool in the future.

Here is what some of the attendants had to say about the course:

“I feel inspired and invigorated to do better in my training” Dennise C. – Kettlebell enthusiast and raw-deadlift world-record holder

“Through this course, I learned how to properly brace, safely create full body tension, properly perform three fundamental kettlebell lifts, and the principles of programming. I really enjoyed it and learned tons from it. I am definitely going to make some positive changes to my programming. Thanks again Jerry! Joe C. – Owner of Body Temple in Vail, AZ

“Jerry has the ability to break down technical kettlebell exercises to make then seem simple and is able to teach the details that get the most out of each rep. Under his guidance, we performed kettlebell workouts that allowed us to practice our skills and have our individual techniques evaluated and improved via cues.”
Roxanne C. – 61-year-old kettlebell enthusiast

“It was a great clinic. I picked up many useful tidbits that I can use with my clients. It also helped peak my interest in kettlebell training”

Brice H. – Personal Trainer and Owner of Framework Fitness in Tucson, AZ

Jerry and his facility will also be hosting a 3-Day Kettlebell Certification with Chief SMK Mark Reifkind on May 19th of 2017.

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