Nutrition Secrets of Wildly Successful Everyday Athletes Over 30

Today we discuss our nutrition system that is now available in our new 200-page eBook.  From our theories used to develop the system to meal plans, secrets, and tips, join us as we talk about the importance of understanding and implementing a life-long health and nutrition program that is right for your body.

Discussion points:

  • The necessity of a nutrition system to go with your fitness system
  • Why exercise alone will not reduce body fat to the levels you desire
  • When people hit plateaus in their training and feel defeated
  • The many conflicting theories of weight loss and nutrition programs
  • The importance of learning the theories in our nutrition plan first
  • Calorie counting or no calorie counting?
  • Jeroen and Amit, our most recent ‘Members of the Year’
  • How to come off of a calorie-counting diet
  • The research concerning how much protein we need as we age
  • Why the plan in our book is not a quick fix, fad, or trend



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“The old adage is true, ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’…” – Josh Kennedy


“A lot of people, new to training in general, they hit a plateau where they don’t see results, they get disheartened.  I know that feeling, it’s horrible!” – James Breese


“Getting your nutrition right will impact so many other elements of your day-to-day life, from cognitive ability, brain fog, the ability to see clearly, have more energy… yes, lose weight, but also perform better and be healthier.” – James Breese


“Just learning to cook a few simple, healthy meals I think is a really good life skill to have, actually.” – Josh Kennedy


“If you’ve not got your nutrition absolutely dialed in, you ain’t gonna get anywhere!” – Josh Kennedy


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