Nutrition Science Made Simple With Dr. John Berardi

Even people who have a passion for health and fitness can have difficulty turning that passion into a sustainable career. So, what’s the secret? That’s what today’s guest is here to talk about. John Berardi is the co-founder of Precision Nutrition and the author of a new book, Change Maker. Listen in to hear what John has to say about time management, nutrition science, and how the information in his new book will help people learn how to turn their interest in health and fitness into a profitable career.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How John handles time management
  • Tips on working from home
  • The current science around eating red meat
  • Where to start making positive changes for people who don’t follow nutrition science
  • Avoiding deficiencies
  • John’s favorite vegetables
  • How to have a sustainable career in the health and fitness industry
  • John’s book and what it’s about
  • Developing your purpose
  • Finding your unique abilities
  • How people know whether or not they’re getting a good coach
  • Strategies for changing people’s mindset about food
  • Situations where John might recommend protein supplements
  • Fasting and weight loss
  • Why John isn’t training for anything specific at the moment

Quotes From the Show:

“If my office is close to where I spend time with my family, I’ll find myself – even unintentionally – drawn into it.” –John Berardi

“What do I do in my life? I eat tons of plant foods. And then I supplement with meat.” –John Berardi

“I’m really excited, not to sell books necessarily, but to get this information, which doesn’t exist anywhere else, into the hands of people who are either thinking about joining a career or who are in the field right now of health and fitness, who want to end up making a difference.” –John Berardi

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