Imagine your ideal fitness conference…

Does it have hundreds of like-minded leading professionals all in one place?

Perhaps it’s a conference where networking and learning is put first and foremost above “selling” you the latest fad.

A conference where attendees are not just the fresh out of “PT school” crowd, but who have actually been in the industry over 5 years and have a thirst for knowledge.

Maybe they tailor your entire experience to you, the intermediate and advanced fitness professional, and your knowledge level, and maybe they do it in a warm, sunny climate in a fun, adult like manner.


This conference might be the place where opportunities are everywhere, where keynote speakers don’t show up, talk and leave, but stick around to answer your questions and help you stand out and succeed.

Are you imagining this conference? Does it sound pretty good? Well, happy Christmas, because I’m here to tell you this conference is real and it’s spectacular.

It’s The Strength Matters Summit.

Strength Matters isn’t just another conference; it’s the way to connect not only with like-minded individuals but also with industry experts who have authority, expertise, and knowledge.

Maybe you’re not going to the Strength Matters Summit, our annual conference, and that’s OK. But here’s why it’s worth your consideration (and if you’re already going, it’s why you should be even more excited than you are).

Fantastic speakers

Today we’re announcing (just some) of our keynote speakers for The Strength Matters Summit San Diego 2016 (with more to come). And yes, we’re pumped about the lineup.

Perry Nickelston

Mark Reifkind

Dan John

James Fitzgerald

Kurt Neubauer (Former US Airforce Major General & Chief Of Safety)

Josh Hillis

Georgie Fear

Taylor Lewis

Vickie Saunders

Dave Whitley

And More to come…

Bonus Day.

Now, this we can hardly contain ourselves with… it’ coming in two parts this year.

Part 1 is with James Fitzgerald and the OPEX team.

Part 2 TBA shortly

It’s So Much Fun

We really like fun. It’s important to us. We can promise you won’t be bored.

Attend Strength Matters!

It would be rude if I didn’t mention how or where to register for the San Diego Strength Matters Summit. This year, Strength Matters runs from March 18th to 20th San Diego, CA. Head to the “Strength Matters Summit” website for info on registration and all the other details you need to know. See you there!

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