Effective November 22nd 2016—, Mark Reifkind will no longer be Chief Instructor for Strength Matters; he has decided to resign his position.

I can’t think of anyone in Strength Matters who has done more for the Strength Matters kettlebell certifications than Mark.

Certainly, it goes without saying that his level of expertise, experience and eye for attention to detail will be missed sorely, not to mention his sense of humour and Rifisms.

Please join me in congratulating Mark for the fantastic work and service he has delivered to Strength Matters.

We’ll miss you, Mark, but we wish you all the best with your future plans and hope people will get the chance to experience your excellent teaching capabilities and knowledge that everyone here at Strength Matters got a chance to see.

Thanks for everything you’ve done, you’re an inspiration to many.


Founder Strength Matters


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