1472042512Strength Matters is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with Kettlebells USA®, a perfect match for both companies. Kettlebells USA® recently provided their Metrixx® Elite kettlebells for the Strength Matters Level 1 Certification in Seattle, and the reports have been fantastic regarding the quality and design of the kettlebells.

IMG_0678Kettlebells USA® has been designing and manufacturing quality kettlebells for over ten years. Kettlebells USA® does one thing, and one thing well: ”We design and manufacture the highest quality kettlebells at the best prices!” – Alex King, Founder and VP of Kettlebells USA®

Kettlebells USA® are “The Kettlebell of Choice” for discriminating kettlebell lifters, fitness enthusiasts, kettlebell instructors, pro sports teams, high schools, universities, Crossfit® boxes and elite military units. All kettlebells are manufactured utilizing state of the art gravity die casting technology under strict quality control. Check out their range of kettlebells at www.kettlebellsusa.com

Strength Matters have partnered with Kettlebells USA® because of a shared vision to provide the highest quality kettlebells and kettlebell training. ”We strongly believe that this world class partnership will deliver the highest quality training and kettlebells to the Strength Matters® community.” – Alex King.

IMG_0682Kettlebells USA® pioneered many of the manufacturing processes for making high quality, precision kettlebells. Their Metrixx® Elite Precision E-Coat cast iron kettlebell series has been voted “The Best Kettlebell for Home Fitness” by http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-kettlebell/

We believe our partnership with Kettlebells USA® will be a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come. The feedback from the SMK Kettlebell Certification held in Seattle was phenomenal and from the years I spent manufacturing and distributing kettlebells myself in the UK and Europe, you just know a great Kettlebell when you see one.

Kettlebells USA® don’t disappoint. The Metrixx® Elite bells are a step above anything I’ve seen, used or even manufactured, both in design and quality. I look forward to seeing where this partnership will take us as both companies are committed to providing exceptional value for Strength Matters members and Kettlebells USA® customers alike.”

James Breese, CEO and Founder of Strength Matters.

Kettlebells USA® have kindly provided us at Strength Matters 10% off all products on their website. Use smkbusa10 to benefit from this!

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