Some exciting things have been happening with Strength Matters over the past while! The one thing we are all very excited about is a new partnership between Strength Matters and Fitbot.

13619911_1116939511705663_4830782120641957925_nFitbot is an app for trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. It helps them create custom workout plans, streamlines communication with clients, and tracks progress from the comfort of a web browser. No spreadsheets, no email hell, no problem.

”We free up time to actually work out, meet new clients, and generally get shit done.” – Robbie Jack Co-Founder and CMO. ”The less time trainers spend managing the mundane minutiae of communications and answering emails, the more time they have to earn, increasing profits.”

”Having Fitbot choose to partner with Strength Matters is a testament to the quality services they provide and the core values that both companies live by – providing the highest, most competent resources on the market today that are actually designed to help fitness professionals stand out and succeed. We also believe it will be a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.” – James Breese – CEO and Founder of Strength Matters.

Fitbot have recently been accepted into Techstars, which is the global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses (well done guys!) If you would like to read more about Fitbot, read this article linked below:

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