December 27th, 2015.


Strength Matters, the world’s premier educational resource for leading health and fitness professionals, is pleased to announce today a strategic partnership with world renowned nutrition coaches Josh Hillis, Georgie Fear and Roland Fisher of the Complete Coaching Mentors.

Both Strength Matters and the Complete Coaching Mentors were born from the passions held by their founders for helping other fitness professionals stand and out and succeed and impact the lives of the people they coach. This shared passion is at the center of the partnership and forms the foundation upon which both companies will to continue their mission of inspiring and enabling people to achieve their true health and fitness potential.

“Complete Coaching Mentors is a partnership of successful, experienced fitness and nutrition coaches. CCM formed with the mission to provide guidance and experience-based education on the art of nutrition coaching. Working with Complete Coaching Mentors is a direct way to immediately learn the best practices you would normally need years of experience to discover by trial and error. We mentor coaches of all experience levels to help them become confident, skilled coaches with profitable businesses.

Our partnership with Strength Matters is a perfect fit as we share common values. Complete Coaching Mentors is proud to collaborate with Strength Matters; together we’re creating a more effective, kind and rewarding fitness industry.” said Georgie Fear from the Complete Coaching Mentors.

As part of the new partnership, Josh Hillis and Georgie Fear will be providing regular content to the Strength Matters blog, webinars and podcast as well as appear at all USA Strength Matters Summits in 2016.

“Having the Complete Coaching Mentors choose to partner with Strength Matters is a testament to the quality education they provide and the core values that both companies live by – providing the highest, most competent educational material on the market today. The feedback from our community already has been phenomenal from the little work we have already done and we look forward to embarking on this journey with Josh, Georgie and the entire team at the Complete Coaching Mentors and believe it will be a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come,” said James Breese, CEO and Founder of Strength Matters.

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